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Modi’s Balochistan strategy wont work

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Dear Editor,
India highlighting the Balochistan issue will not stop either Pakistan from raising the Kashmir bogey or the international community from feigning concern over Kashmir. For long, the Western news media, some foreign Governments and the UN have only focussed on Kashmir and given scant attention to Balpchistan. The UN, for example, has asked India to protec human rights in Kashmir but has rarely asked Pakistan to do the same in Balochistan.
For India, the only solution is Kashmir is the eradication of all pro-Pakistan elements from the Valley. This requires military rule and shutting down the Valley so that it is protected from outside influences. However, the BJP Government does not have the political backbone necessary for this as the Prime Minister has been maligned by the UPA. This means India has no good options on hand and will have to keep suffering Pakistan-sponsored terror in Kashmir and elsewhere.
Marty Martel

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