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Modi government bleeding by its own boomerang

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

If we scroll down the web page of present BJP, we find that it is a group of some over ambitious persons having their ideologies derived from the organisation behind the scene and not from towering leaders like Shyama Parsad Mookerjee and Atal Behari Bajpai. These leaders were always talking in a tone suiting to the common people and they had been respecting the other parties in the similar way, as they used to respect their party. In their dynamic leadership the issues used to be deliberated in a very sensitive ways and always coming out with a conclusive ideology of the party, but in the present scenario, the party appears to have been reduced to a show of PM and his top advisor, the party president. Many of the leaders like L. K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, and many others have been pushed to the corner by this duo of present set up of BJP. This duo considers him as indispensable. When the elections of 2014 were declared the first slogan ever raised by these people were to make ‘Congress Free’ India. Thanks to the corruption let loose by the UPA government and people looking for a change was trapped by the luscious slogans of probable PM candidate that brought BJP in absolute power in the Center. Celebrations were held all over the country for the change people were looking for. This was followed by twisting of elections in their favor in Haryana and partially in Jammu and Kashmir, but by the time real test of this BJP government was in Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal elections, the balloon of their hollow slogans have started deflating and people by and large have started realising their mistake for voting this party into power. No stone was left un-turned to register their victory in these states, but it got a humiliating and crushing defeat. By this time the Haryana observed Jat agitation in a very big way and it was the outcome of commitments of this party prior to elections to woo the voters and back track after coming to power. Meanwhile the Gujarat also came on boiling for the discrimination meted out to a particular community during the reign of PM as CM of that state and Hardik Patel spearheading the agitation, was put behind the bar to crush the voice against discrimination and brought out by the Apex Court of the country on bail. The over ambitions of this party to capture power in states being mandated to other parties came in the shape of President Rule in Uttara Khand, where over night it was imposed but it was struck down by the Apex Court of the country terming it as un-constitutional act of BJP government and Congress government was reinstated in Uttara Khand which won even vote of confidence at the floor of the house in the Assembly. During this episode many sting operations were there reportedly doctored by the BJP to malign the CM of the state. Prior to the episode of Uttara Khand, similar treacherous act was there of this government in Arunachal Pradesh, where too an un-constitutional game plan was played by BJP government. This shameful game plan has been celebrated by them on number of times. The Apex Court of the country gave another blow to this party, when on 13th July 2016; it restored the Congress Government terming its dismissal un-constitutional.
While imposing a Governor’s rule in a state, some parameters are laid down by the Constitution and none can jump over these parameters for his lust of power or to detract a constitutionally established government. The Governor’s office is an institution to act as a watch dog to safe guard the constitutional provisions and to ensure that the democratically elected political government is run as per constitutional provisions. Whenever there is break down of constitutional provisions and it is felt by the Governor of the state, that it is not possible to run the government as per constitutional provisions, a detail report is routed to the central government with its recommendations and it is the Council of Ministers which review the report before recommending it to HE, the President of Country, who issues the proclamation for Presidents Rule. The instances of Governor Rule imposed in Uttara Khand and Arunachal Pradesh, which subsequently struck down by the Apex Court has given an occasion to debate on the role of Governors as well as proper application of mind by Council of Ministers. The recent decisions of the court is a clear indicator that at both levels i.e. Governors of the States and Council of Ministers, it lacks proper application of mind and the recommendations are nothing but politically motivated and at both levels the sanctity of the Constitution has been eroded. The Governors of both these states have not acted constitutionally, thus giving space to say, that they are the political agents of the BJP government, rewarded by their posting as Governors, not to safe guard the Constitution but to safe guard and to advance the political agenda of the BJP Government at the Center. It is not for the first time in Indian history that President Rule has been imposed, but it is an ongoing process since the country achieved independence. The more disturbing in the present juncture is false claims of BJP Government as a neat and clean government, where as it is not even maintaining the sanctity of the Constitution, which is regarded as only religious book for BJP and in a bid to over throw the democratically elected government, it is advancing its agenda through Governors appointed by this government. A very alarming message has been conveyed to the Central Government by striking hammer on their wrong and un-constitutional decisions to awaken from its political lust and its agenda of making congress free India without mandate from the people, just by throwing all norms of Constitution into dustbin. We can well say that presently the Modi Government is bleeding by its own boomerang. (Boomerang means a twisted arrow targeted to others but hits back).

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