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Employment is a subject related to every person. Everyone is looking for better employment opportunities. The problem of unemployment or employment is an important issue in the world today. Due to over population and lack of opportunities, millions of people are deprived of employment. Without employment through private or government means, it is not possible to fulfill a person’s basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. In modern times, there are many areas of employment. There are many sectors ranging from traditional enterprises to government services, multinational companies, private firm business, online business, small and big industries, labor etc. Nowadays, lakhs of families are benefiting from employment opportunities in the online sector also. On one hand we talk about the problem of unemployment, on the other hand we also have to keep in mind the growth of employment opportunities and sectors. Today’s students can do part time jobs till they complete their education. Or they can also open their own business through skill training courses. Internet has also given livelihood opportunities to people sitting at home. Thousands of employment opportunities have also been created in areas related to blogging, YouTube, marketing, freelancer writing, designing and commerce. There is a great demand for office jobs all the time for educated and professional people.

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