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Mini bus operators consistently violating traffic laws

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Dear Editor,
Traffic law violation is almost synonymous with mini-bus operators. It is a common scene on the roads these days that the matador drivers violate the traffic rules-be it overloading of their vehicles, skipping signals, loud horns, plying vehicles without requisite permit or just halting in the middle of the road to take more passengers.
The matadors stop wherever they wish to and there are no proper timings for them. There should be a proper scheduling for the transport. Sometimes the vehicle stops in the middle of the road creating problems not only for the passengers but also for other vehicles.
The State Government has made it mandatory for the mini-bus operators to wear proper uniform but they still continue to operate vehicles freely on city roads without uniform.
Traffic Police has turned a blind eye towards the whole mess on city roads and is ignoring this entire nuisance. The Traffic Police have failed to punish the erring
mini-bus drivers, who seem to break rules with
Arushi Gupta,
Janipur, Jammu.

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