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Mere Modi-bashing will not solve the problem

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Dear Editor,
For the past two days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has angrily attacked ‘fake cow protectors’ for indulging in violence against Dalits. However, it is unfortunate that Prime Minister Modi’s inveterate opponents are not convinced. Earlier, they were complaining about Modi’s silence on atrocities against Dalits, but when the latter severely denounced these anti-Dalit elements, they found another excuse to criticise him.
These Modi-bashers deliberately overlooked the reports of arrests of alleged culprits in several States. However, the real reason for this anti-Modi barrage is their frustration over the Prime Minister’s popularity among ordinary citizens because of his attempts to involve them in issues of governance and national problems by inviting their ideas and suggestions. This was evident in Modi’s Townhall gathering on 12th August in Delhi.
M Ratan

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