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Mehbooba tells Pak to stop terror for success in talks

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Srinagar: Pakistan will have to stop cross- border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir for any dialogue with India to be successful, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Friday while underlining that talks were not possible in the prevailing situation which has “deteriorated”.
At the same time, she said she remained hopeful about resumption of talks between India and Pakistan as Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to carry forward Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s policy.
Mehbooba said Pakistan has a huge role in establishing peace in the region and it has to stop supporting the militancy.
“This is not a hidden thing that infiltration takes place and encounters happen on borders. Pakistan has a role to see that infiltration does not take place and there is no support to the militancy,” she told reporters on the sidelines of a function to commemorate the Police Martyrs  at Zewan, 14 kms from here.
“When the graph of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir comes down, there would be more opportunities for the two countries to talk. Those talks will then be successful,” she added.
Mehbooba recalled that during Vajpayee’s tenure, Pakistan had said it will not allow its land to be used for anti-India activities and there was ceasefire on the borders, militancy was down and there was less infiltration.
“But, unfortunately that process did not move forward,” she said.
“Our Prime Minister went there (Pakistan). Now they have to repeat the promise of (then Pakistan President) Pervez Musharraf to not support the militancy in J&K and help in creating a conducive atmosphere for dialogue,” she said. Noting that Pakistan was itself facing terrorism, Mehbooba said the country has ensure that its soil is not used for anti-India activities.
“Thousands of people have been killed there in terror acts in hospitals, markets, schools and colleges,” she said, adding, “if we can create a conducive atmosphere, then a way can be found.”
The Chief Minister emphasised that her state has an interest “as the biggest impact of a tussle between India and Pakistan” is on it.
“Unfortunately, the situation has deteriorated over the last few months and to talk about dialogue in such a situation is not possible, she said.
Referring to young boys indulging in stone-pelting, Mehbooba said they do not know what they were doing and some of the people who were instigating them have been identified and so will be others.
“A 12-year-old child comes out to throw stones, does he know why he is throwing (stones)? There are some people behind them, some of whom we have identified and others too we will identify.
“I request them as well why have you involved young children, why have you made them a shield? You have pushed them to camps, police stations, you tell them what they have to do during the day, but you yourself escape during the night,” she said, apparently targeting the separatists.
“But this issue cannot be solved by stones, bullets, guns or encounters.”
Pitching for dialogue between India and Pakistan, the chief minister said the neighbouring country should help in creating a conducive atmosphere for it.
Mehbooba said her government wants to ban the use of pellet guns as a crowd control measure and sought cooperation of police saying they should “tolerate” and refrain from using such weapons as the protests will not continue forever. “If there is an injury on you, let it be, but if we save a youth’s eyes or arms from pellet guns, then I think it will be your biggest sacrifice. Because this (protests) will not continue forever, it is temporary. But I need your cooperation,” she said.
The chief minister said while the police had exhibited patience during the last three months of unrest in the Valley, there were some mistakes which warrant action.
She said once peace is established in the state, she would ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to begin a dialogue process.
“Establish peace here and the next day I will go to Delhi and request the Prime Minister to talk to everyone and find a solution…to do justice with our people those people who come out to vote on the edge of sword for their safety, prosperity and development.”
“If this vandalism, stone-pelting continues, then I will be focused on that only,” she said, asking the police to help the government to establish peace.
Recalling the visit of the all-party delegation, she regretted that separatists did not respond to its members. “I also wrote a letter to them asking them to talk, because no one is with violence in today’s world. No one will listen to what someone, who has picked up arms, has to say even if his account is good. Whatever is said by way of violence, is lost.”
Dialogue is possible only when a conducive atmosphere is created in the state and Pakistan should also contribute to it, she said. “Our commitment is for dialogue among all and (former PM) Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s policy that we cannot change neighbours and have to have good relations with Pakistan.

‘Try to bring local militants home, not kill’
Srinagar: Try to bring back to their homes the “local boys” who have joined militancy instead of killing them in encounters, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti urged police today amid unrest triggered by the death of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in a gun-battle with forces in July.
She also appealed to the police and security forces to refrain from using weapons like pellet guns while dealing with protests and instead “tolerate” stone-pelting as a “sacrifice”.
The Chief Minister said while the police had exhibited patience during the last three months of unrest in the Valley, there were some mistakes which warrant action.
She also underlined that “black aws” like AFSPA would be repealed from the state only when the situation improves.
“We all have to work together, heal the wounds of the people here. The children here are the responsibility of God first, then our police because it is they who see them every day, everywhere,” she said.
“Those who have taken up arms or those who have not but are missing from their homes and want to join militancy, they are local boys. I request the police to try to bring them back to their homes. Instead of their being killed in encounters,” she added.
Mehbooba, who has dealt with the unrest triggered by Wani’s killing on July 8 in a tough manner, told the police, “such youth (who have taken to the gun) need hand-holding…

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