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Meditation is the key to your own self


Meditation is an exercise at a higher mental level, coupled with concentration to move forward from the physical to the spiritual space. When the meditator goes beyond the physical space and reaches the spiritual space, he becomes enlightened. This enlightened space is the domain of knowledge and self-realization. It is not in the power of ordinary humans to see and comprehend this enlightenment fully. This enlightenment reveals to the meditator new horizons, transforms his inner core and leaves an ever-lasting impression on the soul.
This ultimately takes him to the state of Anand or Ecstasy
As the consciousness and life force are drawn to higher levels of perception, it brings about an inner awakening more satisfying than any other experience your mind or emotions could ever have. Gradually you are enabled to discover your true self, your infinite potential revealed and you begin to enjoy the eternal bliss and knowledge. Meditation is the art and science of attaining perfection at the physical, mental and spiritual levels and then ultimate aim being the realization of self and God.
In the first stage of meditation, a person sits in a comfortable yogic position and practices yogic breathing for some time. By doing so he activates the energy centers or chakras, and clears the channels for the upward flow of life energy. As guided by the Guru, a meditator practices specific breathing techniques and attains inner balance thereby preparing himself for spiritual awakening.
Meditation Awakens through Concentration
Normally people think that meditation is just a quiet process of thinking like any other in which a man moves forward and backward, goes through joy and disappointment, achievement and failure. But this is not the case. In meditation, a person progresses only after having integrated his physical, mental and spiritual energies; after having awakened them; and he moves upwards through concentration on the Agya Chakra and Sahasrar Chakra.
This practice goes on day in and day out, over a long period of time. Gradually, the secret and mysteries of self, life, God, reality and the universe begin to unfold and reveal themselves before the aspirant.

Shri Sudhanshuji Maharaj

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