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Media must be independent

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Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Ok, media is independent. Yes, we fully back the independence of media. “Separatists planning to unfurl Pak flags at over 200 places in Valley on August 14” appeared in media. Reports a correspondent that in the last 26 years of the separatist movement, preparations are underway throughout Kashmir Valley to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence day on 14th August with hoisting of that country’s national flag in all the major towns and district headquarters.
There is open daring from separatists to state authorities to hold Independence Day on 15th August. Diktats stand circulated in the Huriyat’s Calendar not to hoist Indian Flag in all parts of J and K; children have also not been spared; parents are advised not to allow the children to take part in celebrations; raise black flags every where on houses, shops, market centers, local Chowks, and wear black dresses or black bands.
All these words quoted above are not mine but find reporting in front page of news papers.
Following death of Burhan Wani on 8th July, the Kashmir unrest has entered in its 35th day. Perhaps it is the longest unrest since being borne in 1957 and started understanding unsettled issues between India and Pak during my stay as NSS Programme Officer GGM Science College Jammu from 2000 to 2005.
Salahudin the designated terrorist in the media two days back uttered that they were ready to fight nuclear war with India over Kashmir, if Pakistan agrees. Moreover, separatists are openly observing Pak Independence Day on 14th August despite living with India.
What does all these speak? Open interference from Pak soil, it is established fact. Whenever terrorist activities take place in Pakistan, their media blames Indian agencies hands.
This blame game is in progress since 1947. The sufferers are the J and K citizens. The people living in border areas have suffered during wars and militant related activities.
In Pak occupied Kashmir, situation is worse. The people therein also do not want to live with Pak. People very recently from across LoC have got published Maharaja Hari Singh as the best ruler of his time and still treat him their father. All Muslims from across LoC still admire him.
What does this speak? Indian politicians especially from Jammu have not acted visionary. They have failed to support the dissidence across LoC against Pak. Where are the descendants of Maharaja Hari Singh? They all are scattered in different political systems. From rulers clan now they have started restaurants housed in Hari Singh Palace. This is the tragedy. They do not know that people from both sides of LoC admire their forefathers.
Strange situation has arisen. A few handful gun wielding elements have got merged with local populace in Kashmir. Under the threat of guns no body is ready to come in open. Moreover, the media has not projected properly the bonds between Hindus- Muslims and love/dedication for India, except highlighting militant activities and the case for benefits of few thousand KPs when every body living in Kashmir is equally affected and they in large number irrespective of communities have migrated.
The well being is in united J and K including Pak occupied as an everlasting solution. In no way we are ready to merge with Pak. I advise you to remember the intellectuals of past. One example I remember that of Sir Aurobindo who had professed that India and Pak must go together for long lasting peace in this region. Perhaps both India-Pak may become one.
People from both sides of LoC are asked to unite deciding own fate of living together in J and K instead of allowing few politicians putting the life of one and all in dangers.
Yes, if Pak continues rhetoric on Kashmir, that dream may not turn true. If war is enforced there, may we die in J and K but simultaneously Pak can disintegrate or completely vanished from world map.
(The views are of the writer)

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