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Material & Emotional exploitation of voter citizen can be checked if government schools & hospitals are made to ‘Deliver’

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  • Govt. Schools are available still Child Education Allowance @Rs.2250 & Child HSA @ Rs 6750 is paid to Government Employees

  • Educational Empowerment of Socially-Economically-Administratively ” Depressed Citizens” can only reduce their Exploitation

  • FEED BACK from ground can help PM’s efforts for equipping weaker people with needed security of quality education & health


With the present status and acceptability of government schools whatever social support is there in terms reservations for SC/ ST/OBC/EOBC/ EWS it would make the subjects under reference only to be amongst the class IV jobs except a few amongst them who may be mostly from economically better subjects from amongst the “reserved categories”. So the teaching and supervisory / administrative staff in school education department has be motivated/ made to deliver to the beneficiary students worth the wages and job security all are provided there. When managements of private schools /academies can make the teachers working there on meager salaries to deliver adequately why can those supervising . administering government schools make school teachers to deliver who are comparatively paid much higher salaries ?.
Not only that such state of affairs surely results in lesser awareness about their status / their rights in a socialist democratic republic like India and their competence to make decisions while electing the governments and evaluating the welfare schemes framed by governments. Nobody will deny that in India most of the elections are fought using the emotional cards & the economic compulsions of the masses and unless the masses are well supported by government by providing quality education through government schools by enforcing duty culture / commitment towards the job assigned atleast worth the wages being paid both to the teaching & supervisory staff the socio economic backwardness of the masses of the quantum as we have in India will not reduce worth decreasing the numbers of 81 Crore economically handicapped Indian souls waiting every month to collect 5 kg free ration.
We need to make people capable for helping others which we can be made by equipping our people with minimum needed security of quality education and health . Economic stresses & poor nutrition also affect the health of individuals and the poor health affects the economic condition as well as available working hours worth saleable services one can make use of.
No doubt India has on paper created a very vast health infrastructure in the government sector but there too people do not hold adequate faith in the services being rendered by government hospitals inspite of reasonably good wages proportionate to the inputs from public exchequer resulting in common man losing faith in government hospitals inspite of the fact that many government hospitals may be having better infrastructure than some private clinics but still even a laborer is found preferring visiting a private clinic unless one is totally penniless or the private clinic does not accept emergency case. So here too the responsibility for government hospitals losing public faith also lies on the supervisory / senior officers like Directors/ Secretaries/ Administrators.
It is not out of the place to mention here that 95 percent of patients do not need any specialized treatment / process but still they may be going to the private hospitals/ clinics. Similarly more than 95 percent patients may not be needing very special/ critical care medicines / processes who could be served with medicines without any patent cover at very low / low nominal cost but that too is not happening which could be well seen from the medicines sold under the PM Bhartiye Janaushadhi Pariyojna which was started in 2008 but since the government could not cultivate / enforce the culture of writing prescriptions by chemical / generic / technical / Active Ingredient name the share of the JA medicines is not even 0.5 percent of the allopathic medicines market even after 15 years of Government of India coming up in this trade tine through Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India i.e BPPI ( now Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Bureau of India -PMBI ).
(The writer is Sr Journalist, social activist and analyst J&K affairs).

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