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Dear Editor,
Both the ‘model village’ scheme and the ‘clean India’ campaign are innovative ideas, being the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This way, about 800 villages will be chosen by 2016, and another 1,600 will be taken up by 2019 by MPs alone. Legislators in State Assemblies should come forward to choose a few thousands more to benefit many villages by 2019, providing these villages with modern infrastructure and facilities, and inspiring other villages to follow suit.
The Swachch Bharat Abhiyan has enormous potential, as each of the nine chosen will select nine more to carry forward the project, and so on. Thus, the number will keep on multiplying. Hopefully, this will lead to a mass movement that can eventually result in a cleaner and greener India. The movement will not yield results if the people remain cynical and refuse to cooperate.
P N Saxena
New Delhi

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