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Mal administration in J and K

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Dear Editor,
1. It is a well known fact that J and K Govt is the most corrupt and inefficient Govt. What is most frustrating is the lackadaisical attitude of the administration towards public inconvenience and lack of basic social amenities.
2. Traffic. Within Jammu city (as also the State), the traffic conditions are getting from bad to worse by the day. This fact has been highlighted through various channels by many well meaning citizens. Unfortunately, these appeals, suggestions and grievances do not cut ice with the authorities. They have ceased to hear, see or act/react, resulting in total mayhem and chaos. Every moment on the road is a challenge for survival.
3. Condition of Roads. Deplorable is the word for condition of roads in Jammu. Not a single road can be called a good road(leave aside Gandhi Nagar which houses the elite!). Road from Kunjwani to Chhanni Himmat is in biggest mess. The condition is horrible since more than six months (particularly stretches under the Rail Bridge and Kunjwani Chowk itself). One does not know who is responsible – NHA1, CPWD, PWD, JMC or BRO.
4. Unless we take the concerned authorities to task a la Rang de Basanti, nothing will change. I have written letters to IG Traffic with no response as also highlighted this problem through your columns. If we, the citizens as well as the administration, have any self esteem we should strive to make Jammu a better place to live.
Brig Sukhdev Singh(Retd)

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