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Those who felt shy of declaring their Indian nationalism, invented terminologies and played with words to create doubts about irreversible complete merger of J and K State as a whole (Including PoK) after accession; those who invented or imported theories of ‘dual control’ and ‘double currency’. The propagators of ‘greater autonomy’, ‘self rule’ and ‘self determination’ are pleading for recent floods to be declared  ‘national’ emergency as ‘inseparable’ totally acceded and merged part of the Indian nation. How long this, water wet and submerged ‘nationalism’ will last only time after normalisation will prove. The Zuban and Aasman in Kashmir are known to be traditionally unpredictable. The politics of Kashmir part of J and K was defined as ‘murkier than the Dal waters’. All are on display together, the Aasman, the Zuban and the polluted waters all over the Valley; making it the worst ever combination. Politicians as such are known to change colours faster than the chameleons.
While the rescue operations are yet barely half way through and the fear of the water borne epidemics is looming large the separatists are engrossed in their own worry. They find their own relevance washed away in rains and that of their wicked movement that brought them from rags to riches submerged in deep polluted waters to get flushed out soon once the Indian forces restore normalcy.
Hence in midst of natural calamity of catastrophic proportion that affected lakhs of people in Jammu and Kashmir, separatist criminals in the Valley are creating physical hurdles in the ongoing relief and rescue efforts in the State.  Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik, led a gang of ruffians on 13th September, derailed rescue and relief process of the Indian Army, in flood hit regions of Kashmir under Operation Megh Sahayta. He had a brawl with Congress workers over ‘seeking credit’ for rescue and hi-jacked the boat by criminal force. While people were dying, Malik was obstructing relief and organising stone pelting, yet the State Government remained mute.
The irresponsible statements of SA Geelani of India ‘drowning Kashmir in floods’ may have no takers among the educated but is another effort to promote anti-nationalism by rumour mongering to target the illiterate blind followers. Will the Govt react?

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