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Dear Editor,
The GoI is planning to take handloom, handicraft and Khadi products to the world through a “Handmade in India” initiative. When Mahatma Gandhi spun yarn at his specially made Charkha daily, his philosophy was to economically emancipate the village-level weavers and craftsmen. Interestingly, I was once attending an MSME seminar organised by the Minister of Textiles presided over by a secretary-level officer on the martyrdom day of Gandhi. I pointed out to him that we should start the day by remembering Bapu who cared so much for the downtrodden weavers and artisans. But I got a brute rebuttal from the officer as he said: “Look gentleman, there is no room for emotions in the seminar.”
Now, 30 years later, when I find PM Modi concerned about this class, I can’t help but say that one day Modi may prove himself to be ‘Mahatma Modi’ if he remains persistent in getting things done from his ministers and bureaucrats. Fundings by bank, elimination of middlemen and sale realisation are the hurdles which need to be crossed to create a brand ‘Handmade in India’.
Brij B Goyal

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