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Maiming Pakistan means taming Kashmiri secessionists

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JAMMU: Secessionists and anti-India elements in Kashmir suffer from a peculiar syndrome. So long Pakistan enjoys upper hand over India, they remain agile, aggressive and abusive and once it is vice versa, they just lower their tails.
Last evening, ‘not so moderate’ Hurriyat Chairman Mirwaiz Umar described the escalation of tension on Jammu borders as highly explosive and counseled both India and Pakistan to immediately observe ceasefire. Begani Shaadi Mein Abdullah Diwana. The same concern came this evening from Shabir Shah, yet another India basher, who feels that border tensions leave negative impact upon the ‘already miserable people of Kashmir’. This time, however, the brunt is borne by Jammu border residents, eight of whom have already become fodder of Paki cannons.
Shelling is unabated, as Pakistan is treading a suicidal path by targeting civilians in the Jammu region, making 20,000 residents to leave their homes and hearths for safety. But the things are recoiling back to the shock of Pakistan and her lackeys in Kashmir. So, the conciliatory statements!
Pakistan is reported to have imposed self-censorship over the attritions caused to its troopers due to retaliatory action by Indian forces. The causalities of Pakistan Rangers and other troopers have been alarmingly high in the past 24 hours. There is no word in confirmation from Islamabad but given Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s frank speak, the enormity of situation on the other side can be well visualised. “Today, when bullets are being fired on the border, it is the enemy, say Pakistan, that is screaming,” he said while reassuring the nation about India’s defence preparedness. His stiffness instills a sense of confidence, especially when he says that the enemy has realised that times have changed and their old habits will not be tolerated.
Tackling Pakistan will mean taming anti-national lobbies in Kashmir who are getting sustenance from across the border, which is why not only Islamabad but rogues and ruffians in the Valley based secessionist camp too are screaming. There were jubilations among separatist ranks of the Valley when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised Kashmir rant in the United Nations General Assembly or Bilawal Bhutto yelled ‘Kashmir Lawange’ in Lahore. Why so gloom now when Pakistan is getting her due on LoC and IB? On the other front, India and the US are firming up response to take on terror too. Let it not be forgotten that Pakistan constitutes epicenter of the world terror. Therefore, India will have to neutralise Pakistan on all fronts-maiming its rogue army and dismantling the terror regime breeding on its soil.
The heightened shelling on International Border in Jammu areas has evoked nation-wide outrage with people demanding stringent action against the theocratic neighbour. Responding to their anger, the Defence Minister Arun Jaitley has aptly reflected the nation’s will by saying, “If Pakistan persists with this adventurism then our forces will continue to fight. The cost of this adventurism will be unaffordable.” The Defence Minister has unequivocally stated that India is a responsible state but at the same time, it has a paramount duty to defend its people and territory.
New Delhi’s tough posturing comes in the wake of clear instructions given to the armed forces to respond to Paki incursions adequately and appropriately. The Prime Minister does not want to make Indian response as a political issue keeping in view the ensuing elections in two important states of Maharashtra and Haryana. He is steadfast in his resolve to keep the national interest at top of everything. Forced by some irresponsible opposition leaders, particularly novice political entities like Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister maintained his eloquence while saying that when there is a challenge at the border, it is soldiers who answer with fingers on the trigger; it is not for politicians to respond.”
The tough Indian stand has forced Pakistan Prime Minister to huddle with his security advisors to seek bail out from the situation they precipitated due to domestic political upheaval and little attention paid to Kashmir rant by the international community.
It is a war of wits in literal sense of term and whosoever blinks first will be the ultimate loser. India can’t afford that as the nation has paid dearly during the past four wars and the ongoing proxy war.
With Narendra Modi at the helm, the nation is expecting action rather than words. And, he is proving this while keeping himself aloof from doing politics over an issue that is presently a military problem. Political intervention can wait.

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