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The moment we want only the best for others, motherhood is born in us.
For nine months in the womb, she does not know the nature of the child, who it may be — her love precedes both name and form. When unconditional love springs forth, motherhood is born in us.
The mother keeps a family in harmony by gluing together people of diverse mindsets. When including and involving everyone becomes more important than doing what you think is right, then motherhood is born in us.
A child experiences love for the first time when it looks into the mother’s eyes. The child explores freely knowing that his mother is there to take care. A child is so carefree because it has complete faith in the mother. When we can inspire such freedom and a sense of security in another, motherhood is born in us.
Adi Shankara says, ‘Kuputro jaayet quachidapi kumata na bhavati’ — there may be a bad son but there can never be a bad mother. When it is impossible to harbour any harmful intent or ill feeling for another, motherhood is born in us.
My grandmother would say, “The sweet box is full, we have to buy from the shop….” She would not say, “We have no sweets at home.” When this innate sense of abundance is cultured in our being, then motherhood is born in us.
Once it happened that a simple milkmaid in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s kingdom scaled the walls of a fort and climbed down dangerous cliffs just to be by the side of her baby. When the innocence in others inspires great valour, confidence and the joy of protecting in us, then motherhood is surely born.
In the Valmiki Ramayan, Ram says, ‘Janani janmabhumischa swargadapi gariasi’ — the one who gives us life, gave birth to us and the land from where we come forth are more valuable than heaven itself. Celebrating and honouring life and the giver of life, motherhood is born in us. Scriptures say: Matr Devo Bhava. Our mother is our first teacher. Through our mother, we get a glimpse of the love that the Divine Mother has for every being in creation. She helps us take our first step in our journey from personal to universallove. In his blog as an ode to his mother in her 100th year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, “A mother not only gives birth to her children but also shapes their mind, their personality, and their self-confidence.”
Motherhood is not just a biological phenomenon. Motherhood is also the ability to shape society with care and concern, infuse it with human values and lead the way to a cultured and refined nation, seeing its every subject as one’s own child. Motherhood is an inherent sign of a responsible and caring leader.
The Skanda Purana, in very definite terms, declares: ‘There is no shade like a mother, no resort, no one to depend on like a mother, no security and saviour like a mother, no other ever-giving fountain of life.
Motherhood brings forth an ocean of good qualities. We see that she is powerful and playful, nourishing and guiding, caring, protecting and loving unconditionally.
-Bhanumathi Narasimhan

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