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Madhu Param Hans delivers religious sermons

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SAMBA: Sadguru Madhu Param Hans Ji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth while showering the nectar of spiritualism during his spiritual discourse at Sant Ashram, Ranjri, Samba on Wednesday, said that the brain is the key organ of human body that controls whole of the body. Every pore of the body obeys its dictates. If a fly sits on the face, our hand automatically reaches there to secare it away.
Just like that the body the Brahmand is also being controlled. In fact, every part of our body–be it feet, eyes, hands perform their functions as per the dictates of the brain. The question arises as to which is the power that controls the brain. It is the Munn(mind) that resides within the Sushumna and dictates the organs.
For instance, this body of ours is functioning under some definite system. The Brahmand is also functioning in the same manner. Devil forces are controlling the body. How is it going on? Let’s try to understand it. While walking, if we happen to see some thorn or a pit, our feet automatically move aside. There are no eyes in the feet. But a single dictation from the brain makes the feet obey it. All the organs are, so to say connected to the brain which in its turn is being controlled by mind. The brain has to do what the mind dictates. At the Sahastersar Chakra is the abode of Niranjan himself who controls the functioning of the entire Brahmand. Just as the passengers in a bus driven by a drunkard are not safe, all the jives of this Brahmand also are not safe in the hands of the mind which is nothing short of a devil. The vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego are nothing but the various forms through which it tortures the Jivas in all possible ways. Strange to say, our soul also obeyes its dictates. Now the question arises as to whether our soul is less powerful than the mind. Certainly not is the answer. This is because it is our soul that is the source of strength and power of this mind whereas the soul has its own strength has not to depend on any outer source for the purpose.
It means the soul is in the bondage of mind, which is misleading it. That is why the man wants to rid himself of this mind. Our ancestors like Kapil, Shandilaya tried hard but failed to gain victory over mind. Then how can it be brought under control so as to enable us achieve salvation?
In fact, the salvation can be achieved through ‘Nam’ alone.

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