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Let’s start new year by planting a tree

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Dear Editor,
Since it’s the beginning of new year, let’s all pledge to plant more trees to make our earth green. Trees have furnished us with two of life’s essentials, food and
oxygen. As we evolved, they provided additional necessities such as shelter, medicine, and tools. Today, their value continues to increase and more benefits of trees are being discovered as their role expands to satisfy the needs created by our modern lifestyles.
Trees are an important part of our community. Trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings.
Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.
During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, we breathe.
Trees control climate by moderating effects of the sun, rain and wind. Leaves absorb and filter the sun’s radiant energy, keeping things cool in summer. Trees also preserve warmth by providing a screen from harsh wind.
In addition to influencing wind speed and direction, they shield us from downfall of rain, sleet and hail. Trees also lower the air temperature and reduce the heat intensity of greenhouse effect by maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide.
Both above and below ground, trees are essential to eco-systems in which they reside. Far reaching roots hold soil in place and fight erosion. Trees absorb and store rainwater which reduce runoff and sediment deposit after storms.
This helps the ground water supply recharge, prevents transport of chemicals into streams and prevents flooding. Fallen leaves make excellent compost that enriches soil.
Trees help record the history of your family as they grow and develop alongside you and your kids. We often develop an emotional connection with trees we plant or become personally attached to the ones that we see every day. It is also believed that a person who spend time with plants and tress is less prone to stress and depression. So, this new year let’s all pledge to plant at least one tree for happiness and prosperity.
Sugandh Sharma,
Greater Kailash.

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