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Let’s cheer, let’s grieve, let’s salute

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Three more terrorists stand eliminated in Kashmir. The number is adding up. It was 200 so far this year just the other day and it may be 225, less or more, by the year end. The figures don’t matter; what all matters is the strong urge and the spirit behind ‘all out’ mission to annihilate enemies of nation. This is something to cheer about. But, there is more to grieve, as also much more to salute.
The nation is losing young and valiant sons in their pursuit of saving the Valley from marauders; defend the motherland from vultures and insulate the civilization from radicals. The brave jawans are doing a real job in challenging circumstances and then falling in the lap of eternity in hostile conditions. Unlike wars, they remain surrounded by most uncongenial crowds with stones and filthy slogans while taking on the enemy from the front during encounters. Fighting head on the terrorists, they never know who is behind to sabotage. And when any soldier falls, like the one, who attained martyrdom while killing three Lashker-e-Toiba terrorists, responsible for Amarnath Yatra convoy on July 10 this year, no tear gets rolled in the close vicinity. They include the one called, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who musters the courage to pay tribute to the killed Amarnath Yatra attackers gang and say, “Our youth lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation and putting a huge responsibility on our shoulders to honour these sacrifices and take the movement to its logical end”. The hypocrite mourners like Geelani even betray the Jihadis by ensuring that the children of lesser gods become fodder of Pakistani cannons and their sons and grandchildren enjoy the ‘rewards’ of the drained blood.
While grieving for such brave soldiers, the nation has much to celebrate over the bereavement of thousands or more in Kashmir, who wail over the annihilation of terrorists. They get mad behind their coffins. They keep on beating chests for the murderers, whose hands remain soaked with blood of innocents, their co-religionists, the hapless pilgrims, the security forces and many more. They make heroes of the lunatics, who are nothing more than stooges of a rogue and failed country in the backyards. The mourners include the agents, who are thriving on the blood of Kashmiris, who get funds from Pakistan, who feel no shame in accepting the concessions of the agencies within the country they oppose tooth and nail day in and day out, who make their mansions over the graves of poor.
The nation has also a reason to celebrate the bereavement of those enjoying loaves of power after swearing by the Constitution of India but serving the interests of Jihadis. The compatriots are not unaware about who’s who in the so-called Kashmir mainstream, which shed tears for terrorists but say not a single word over the martyrdom of soldiers. The people know how they feel on hearing about the killing of terrorists, notwithstanding the fact that they remain guarded round the clock by security forces for the fear of reprisal from these very Jihadis.
It is time for the nation to have salutations for their resolute officers and jawans of the army, the police and the security forces, who, undeterred of the political exigencies, are carrying out a relentless war against Jihadi radicals by finding them and fixing them too. Unmindful of the pseudo-seculars’ orchestrated malicious campaign and ignoring the tag of ‘street gunda’ labeled by the Congress, Army chief General Bipin Rawat is infusing a renewed sense of urgency among his forces to fight for finish of terror in the Valley. As latest as today, the General has minced no words in asserting that the war against terror in Kashmir will continue. Salute to the General and his grand force.
In its pursuit of tackling terror, unleashed by Pakistan and the Jihadis like Hafiz Saeed and Syed Sallah-ud-Din, India must emulate Henry Clinton, the then US Secretary of State in Barrack Obama era, who had stated, “The United States has made it clear from the very moment we were attacked (9/11) that we would go after those who had attacked us… Bin Laden was our primary target. The President made a gutsy decision. We were very pleased that the operation succeeded. And we’ve made it clear to people around the world that if we locate someone who has been part of the Al Qaeda leadership, then you get him or we will get him.”

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