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Legal, historical facts about Pak- occupying Balochistan

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 A. N Bharadwaj
Pak agitated lamently Kashmir issue at national and International forums against India on the basis of flimsy grounds, concocted stories without any base, which does not carry any weight in the absence of the authenticated legal and historical documents it is not possible to grab the sovereignty of the other secular democratic country merely on the basis of might, hooliganism, gangsterism, terrorism and bloodshed on the basis of two-nation theory which India had not been accepted in any time in the past and present. The sovereignty of the J&K State, which India has over it, is a legal constitutionally irrevocable and unchangeable, recognized world over especially the U N Security Council, merely Pak-Misleading propaganda is not sufficient to convince the world powers on international level.
The His Highness, the Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir State acceded to India legally and constitutionally vide Indian Independence Act of 1947, accordingly surrendering its State sovereignty in favour of India is an unquestionedable and no objection can be raised on that issue. In the light of the facts as mentioned above not India occupied the State but Pakistan occupied Baluchistan and Kalat State with the might of its forces by encroaching upon its sovereignty which it had upon it. The historical facts reveal that the British Crown representative viceroy India entered in to a treaty with the Kalat ruler for the right of access to Balanpass and Garrison of Quatta in 1876, and during 2nd Afghan War, it invaded of Afghanistan and captured Kalat. At that time, the Baluchistan was neither a princely state within the British Empire nor a member of the Chamber of Princes of British India and neither a British administrative province, but an independent country.
Lord Mountbatten, the then viceroy of India, M A Jinnah Governor General designate of Pakistan and the Kalat ruler signed a tripartite agreement at new Delhi on 4th August 1947, providing for Baluchistan to revert sovereignty of its 1876 status. However it kept its in status till March 1948, when the Pak army invaded of Baluchistan and forced the Ruler to accede to Pakistan which took revolt against Pakistan which continued till day.
Along with the Kalat ruler who had been independent after its sovereignty reverted in his favour by the British Government in 14th August 1947 was also treated his state to Pakistan. He had requested that he would accede his state on the basis of the terms and conditions, which he had with the British Government. His arguments, conditions, Status and image had ignored and spurn away. He was assaulted, molested, harassed, and suppressed to the extent of third degree torture. In the perplex condition, on pistol point, Jinnah got on accession document to Pakistan signed which agitated the people of his state. Their agitan and procession are still continuing against Pakistan.
Thus Baluchistan and Kalat State occupied by Pakistan forcibly with aggressive manner, without any legal authenticity, are the interrogation and raise question for the international community especially for the UNO, to take in view for stern action keeping in view to the continual unrest protests and agitation and Pak brutal onslaught of high handedness to suppress their voice under the pretext of peace. They need the support of the world powers as well as the world forum to come forward for help and humanitarian legal and historical grounds to help these people who are reeling in Pak slavery of its occupation since the partition of British India.
In the light of aggressive high handedness and heart breaking brutal activities, intolerance of faith blasting committed without any fear, are over looked by the world powers as well as the good offices of the UNO, which are expected to raise their voice for the alert to Pakistan to restrain to use the violence against its unarmed citizens, and solve their demand for surrender their sovereignty for permanent peace in South Asia.

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