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Leaving home

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Dear Editor,
The real concern of the people in border villages is their permanent rehabilitation and safety, as expressed by CM Mehbooba Mufti. The Kashmiris are living in their homes in a fearful atmosphere. Leaving behind one’s home, belongings and cattle is a horrifying experience. The problem with Pakistan is the existence of a pseudo democracy, where the real power is with the army. In her book, author Christine Fair says that for the Pakistan Army, defeat does not lie in its failure to win Kashmir despite its numerous unsuccessful attempts; defeat will be the point when it stops trying. Therefore, failed attempts are “honourable”, with “brave Muslims” fighting against “meek, pusillanimous and treacherous Hindus”. The solution is in the fortification of the border by erecting a wall to resist infiltration. This would provide psychological strength and safety to people residing in the border areas. All attempts to negotiate with the Pakistan PM are a futile exercise since he cannot execute or sign any agreement, except the ones prepared by his army commanders. So, give the Indian Army a free hand to deal with the situation at the border.
B. R Dhiman,

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