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Leave that plane alone

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Dear Editor,
It is strange that one country’s negative vote stands heavier than all the positive votes together! Similar is the case with the entry into the UN Security Council. What kind of considerations are these? How can a nation be friends with all members of the group/council? There are certain issues that remain a bone of contention amongst nations. This also reveals the real face of the dragon nation. Modi was issuing threats to China during election time, but took a U-turn on joining office, and invited the Chinese premier, took him to Gujarat and went overboard like an overexcited kid. The same was done with Pakistan. Ignoring the fragile atmosphere at the border, Modi undertook an impromptu visit to Lahore.
Modi must let his plane rest in the hangar and ensure that the country’s foundations are strengthened. China didn’t get membership on the first day. It made itself capable, instead of visiting countries like an overenthusiastic salesman. Speeches, concerts and dance events are not diplomacy. These are only means to fool the public.
D. S Thukral,

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