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Learning lessons from working of others

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Dear Editor,
Once upon a time it was month of July and the Kashmir Valley was attracted by various tourists from national and international level. As I was travelling in a tempo traveler from Srinagar to Sonamarg, the famous tourist spot, among other tourists in a  vehicle in which there was also an American couple taking seat behind the driver’s cabin.
When we reached at Behama Chowk Ganderbal after travelling a distance of 20 kilometers the American couple stopped the vehicle and purchased some snacks, fruit and cold drinks etc. and the routine journey was restarted towards Sonamarg. During the journey onwards the said couple ate all the items they had purchased on way, but every other passenger in the vehicle  were surprised to see that the couple was keeping all the empty polythenes of the snacks etc. in their pockets, but no body questioned the cause of doing that act during the journey.
Now it was Sonamarg when driver asked to all the passengers to get alighted from the vehicle as they had reached a Sonamarg.
It was surprising to listen from the American couple hello, Driver, is there any dustbin near to us? The driver showed them the  nearest dustbin and they threw all the waste material kept in their pockets into the dustbin and when one passenger enquired from them that why they have not thrown it out on the way, the americal couple replied, it is our prime and moral duty to keep our city as well as roads/parks neat and clean.
After listening to these statements everybody was satisfied with their reply and we the people of this beautiful State should also learn a lesson from this act and ensure that we keep our public places/roads neat and clean, which will prove us civilised citizens of the State.
Er. Mohd Yaseen Batt
Rounda, Seri Bhaderwah, Doda.

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