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Leap to US

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Rigidity has no place in politics, least when it comes to international affairs. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin’s assertion in New Delhi reiterating that the Prime Minister “looks forward and not backward” in a relationship with the US was an over stretched statement to what must now be dumped as an out dated question about ‘Modi’s boycott by the US after the Gujarat riots in 2002’.
After the Asian foreign interactions, more importantly with Japan and China Modi’s leap to US is well timed- neither hurried nor slouched.
Akbaruddin said that “We see Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first visit to New York and Washington as a signal of India’s abiding commitment to multilateralism and of a desire to build on a growing convergences in Indo-US ties in the areas where we can work together and in areas where we can do more for each other”.
So far so good but there are vital issues at hand that may include focus on need for reforms in the UN with India being included as Permanent Member in the Security Council given the country’s role in major UN initiatives such as peacekeeping. It is of consequence that though subtlety but consistently Indian Armed Forces have achieved an admirable place to reckon in the UN Peace Keeping Missions. It is now time to count for the goodwill and the enviable international standing so earned by our troops with their sacrifices and meticulous upright conduct.
While in deliberations the focus will be trade and investment, energy, science and technology; the defence, counter-terrorism and security will take centre stage. The two countries would also probe into fields of common interest and ways to enhance cooperation in third countries including Afghanistan, which is undergoing transition in its formative stage in special light of the US forces pull out, and the new avenues opening with the growing geo-politics in Africa.
That besides;  Modi is in for a hectic schedule with almost 50 commitments in all told one hundred ours of stay. His list includes “atom to outer space and everything in-between” said the spokesman hoping for substantive outcomes. Do we see India in resurgence on this Gandhi Jayanti?

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