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Laser fence

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Last year Union Government had approved a five layer security apparatus for the 2,900 km western border with Pakistan so that India can have fool-proof border security system against the Pak-supported infiltration of militants in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. All these states border with Pakistan. Though a multi-layer fencing already has been there with over 15,000 flood-lights  but  there are some loose-ends such as some vulnerable  spots like ravine areas which have been uncovered because of the topography and the water source and had been the favourite for infiltrating militants. Once again Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju reiterated recently about the hi-tech security and surveillance  system coming up. The vulnerable spots would have laser shields. There have been decline in infiltration from across the border but the need to have a fool-proof system comes after the Pathankot militant attack forcing the government to look for technologies to avoid recurrence of any such attacks. The terrorists are believed to have entered India 5km downstream of Bamiyal near the Tash Border Outpost – a riverine point not covered by a laser wall as well. Bamiyal has BSF posts on either side of the river with a man on each post keeping a watch on the river round the clock. All along the border there are 130 riverine sections which would be covered with laser technology as fencing  has proved  ineffective  due to seasonal flooding.  The entire border would be brought under ‘technology surveillance’ within two years to discourage any infiltration bids. Not only this such a system would be effective in checking the growing narcotics smuggling which has grown manifold because of the big money involved. Right now Punjab  is under the grip of this trans border inducement. Even Jammu and Kashmir is no exception  most of the border areas are vulnerable points  as far as the trade goes. India and Pakistan have been going through a mixed phase of relations in recent times. Efforts to resume talks between the two nuclear-armed neighbours have been stalled by terror strikes in India by Pak-supported terrorists operating from its soil.

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