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Krishna’s Birth Anniversary

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Oracle was made to end the sinful life of Kansa he had become nuisance for the people living on Earth. Nature is mysterious but oracles bursts her mysteries. When we contemplate about the mysterious birth of Lord Krishna, we fear rather welcome, adore, worship, and admire his incarnation which relieves us from our material bondages and enlighten us with spiritual bliss.
It is said that the person who is not chained, only can free others from bondages. The aim of Lord Krishna’s birth was to free people from the devilish hands of Kansa. His aim was to save people from false Maya, illusions and hallucinations. When Lord Krishna took birth, the chains of her father Vasudeva broken into pieces when we chant. “Om Namah Bhagvate Vasudevaya Namah”, we must also keep in mind that the bondages or slavery through which we are passing are getting removed. Lord Krishna while at home with Mata Yashoda set an example of eternal love which is not bound by jealous or malice. Lord Krishna is known as Nand Gopal, the son of Nanda Baba who made all the (Brajvasis) the residents of Braj feeling (Parmanand) spiritual pleasure or eternal bliss and that’s why Braj Bhoomi is worshipped and when child Krishna was taking relish of this Matti (Mitti) as usually children eat sand in their tender age, Mata Yashoda like all mothers come to scold him, when she made him open his mouth, she got stunned at the visual sight of Cosmos.
It is rightly said by Martial,
“A good man enlarged the term of his existence.” Lord Krishna is his human form spreads the fragrance of goodness everywhere on Earth. While playing with the friends (Sakhas), the ball fell into River Yamuna, child Krishna never wasted a minute and jumped into the river, where he fought with Kalia serpent whose vicious water was becoming the source of poison which was causing deaths of numerous humans and animals. He came above water dancing victoriously on the head of Kalia serpent. This shows his fearless courage which gave (Mukti), freedom to the people of Braj from Kalia Naag. We have numerous tales of such miracles of Krishna. Space has a big space to exhibit but man has limited resources. We have fake reality. No ink can draw cosmos, no pen can write tiredlessly and no mind can think beyond and create images scrupulously.
Kans sends his demons one by one to kill Krishna. Krishna played such funny end heroic tricks which make us laugh and feel proud. On refusing to give butter (Makhan) as tax to Kansa, Kansa sends his demons to entrap all the cows of Braj. Krishna played a lovely tune on flute and all the cows turning their sides and rushed to Krishna where he was playing flute. We all must learn from Lord Krishna the love for cows. Brutal killing of cows should be banned. Cows should be worshipped. Cow is a mother and mother should be adored according to Krishna. Krishna’s art of playing flute was marvelous, all the Gopis and Radha Rani loved listening to the tune of flute. Lord Krishna’s spiritual tune did wonders and all the Gopis broken their worldly barriers and entered into spiritual world by their true, pure, pious and guileless devotion to Lord Krishna and Radha Rani is known for her eternal lovel reached heavenly abode with Lord Krishna.
Krishna has numerous names – Devki Nandan is one of them. He relieved his mother Devki and Vasudeva by killing demon Kansa, and shown his greatness of an angel (Dev). He also relieved his Nana (maternal father) whom demon Kans imprisoned and himself sat on the throne. Kans was killed and he has to be killed by Lord Krishna because he also has to get free (Mukt) by the hands of Krishna. Mukti has two types. One is Jeevan Mukti and second is Vidheh Mukti. Jeevan Mukti means when we are detached from all the materials and worldly pleasure and lead life with the grace of ‘God’ Vidheh Mukti is such type of Mukti which we get after death but it is said that we have to be above this distinction because after leaving ones body one is not getting free, he is enslaved to his Karma, so he takes birth and rebirth according to his Karmas.
So we all make a wish, a wish of Mukti which is above, which is known as Moksha or liberation and liberation is achieved only through selfless devotion to ‘God’. Let us all count few names of Lord Krishna to remember Him on His birthday. It is said that in this present age of Kali, chanting Lord’s name is a remedy for all the diseases.
Lord has countless names which we cannot count.
1. ‘Om’ – Eternal reality and peace.
2. Amar Prabhu – Immortal ‘God’
3. Anant – Immortal
4. Anand Chit – Pleasure at heart.
5. Anand Swarup – Pleasure at
sight or vision.
6. Sachidanand – Sat, Chit, Anand.
7. Ghat Ghatvasi – Omnipresent.
Let us all feel His Omni presence
everywhere on earth on His Birth Anniversary.

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