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KPS celebrates Navreh with traditional gaiety, fanfare

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JAMMU: The Navreh celebration organized by the Kashmiri Pandit Sabha (KPS) at Ambphalla was marked with traditional fervour and enthusiasm this year. The event commemorated the commencement of the Vikrami calendar year -2081 Bikrami Samvat and Saptrishi Samvat 5100. Atal Dulloo, Chief Secretary J&K UT, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, while Dr. Ashok Bhan, former DGP J&K, was the Guest of Honour.
The festivities commenced with the lighting of the traditional lamp by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour.
Renowned Kashmiri singer Deepali Watal captivated the audience with devotional bhajans, adding to the ambiance of the event. S L Bagati, the General Secretary of KP Sabha, presented the Annual Report, highlighting the Sabha’s activities and its support for the economically weaker sections of the community.
The Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, and Dr. Deepali Wattal were honored with mementos and shawls. Dr. Sujata Sathoo conducted the proceedings, while A.K. Braroo delivered a discourse on the significance of Navreh celebration in Kashmiri culture, emphasizing the importance of preserving traditions.
President K.K. Khosa welcomed the attendees and highlighted the Sabha’s century-long service to the community. He addressed the recent crisis among Kashmiri youths and urged the state administration to support the KP community.
President Khosa also called for political representation for Kashmiri Pandits and emphasized the need for security and accommodation for PM package employees.
Moreover, he appealed for more employment opportunities for the youth, maintenance of Hindu temples, enhancement of relief for displaced communities, and construction of accommodations. President Khosa stressed the importance of ensuring the safety and security of minority communities in the valley.
Atal Dulloo encouraged adherence to religious ethos and emphasized community support for mitigating the sufferings of the downtrodden.
Dr. Ashok Bhan commended KP Sabha’s efforts and advocated for entrepreneurship among youth while cautioning against drug addiction.
The prominent members of the community who graced the occasion were J. L. Zutshi, Prof. B. L. Zutshi, Shiban Khabari, Dr. Vijay Parimoo, M. K. Jalali, T. N. Bhat, Prof. B. L. Kaul, Dr. Kalesh Mehra Sadhu, Prof. R. L. Shant, U. K. Jalali, C. L. Tikoo, A. K. Raina, Sheela Handoo, R. L. Pandita, Kashmi Lal Bhat, Dr. Sanjotia Soodan, Dr. K. K. Kitchloo, Dr. C. N. Tickoo, B. B. Bhat, B. L. Jalali, Pradeep Dutta, including executive members of the Sabha.

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