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KP community suffered migration seven times

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The Hindus (Pandit Barhamins) were wickedly tormented, their houses burnt and property looted. Hundreds of Brahmans were killed, prostrated, maimed and humiliated. They began to run away in large numbers and hide themselves in mountainous terrain. This was the fifth dreadful mass exodus of the legendary Kashmiri Pandits from their mystic Kashyap land. Those who remained behind lived in the most horrific and terrible conditions generated by the Mullah and his gang.
The sixth migration was held during the Afghan rule in Kashmir (AD 1753-1819) was a period of cruelty, homicide and anarchy. Historians called it the”reign of brutal tyranny.” The barbarous Afghans employed every wild, inhuman, primitive, ferocious, cruel and brutal method to suppress the Kashmiri Brahmans. A pitcher filled with ordure was placed on the head of a Pandit and stones were pelt on it, till it broke and the unfortunate Brahman become wet with filth. Their brutality and atrocity crossed the extreme limits when Hindus were tied up in grass sacks, two and two, and drowned in the Dal Lake. The victimised Hindu were forced to flee the country or were killed or converted to Islam. There was horrible mass exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, sixth one, to far away places like Delhi, Allahabad, etc. Many covered the long distances on foot.
Hindu parents destroyed the beauty of their daughters by shaving their heads or cutting their noses and ears to save them from degradation. Any Muslim could jump on the back of a Pandit and take a ride. Mir Hazar – an Afghan governor, used leather bags instead of grass sacks for the drowning of Brahmans. Turbans and shoes were forbidden for them. The Saraswat Brahmans of Kashmir were also forced to grow beards and Tilak was interdicted. The Afghans are now only remembered for their barbarity, brutality, ferocity, tyranny and cruelty. They thought no more of cutting of heads than of plucking a flower.
The last migration took place in 1989–90 and on wards when the barbarous terrorists from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Sudan and even Saudi Arabia penetrated into the Saffron Valley. Brutal, wild and barbarous techniques were employed to hound and kill the Aryan Saraswat Brahmans of Kashmir. Even the helpless ladies were not spared. Sarla Bhat, a nurse in Soura Medical Institute, was abducted on 19th April, 1990, by JKLF militants who repeatedly gang-raped her and eventually killed her on 25th April. Girja Tikoo, a teacher from Bandipur, was kidnapped, raped and eventually shred to pieces by a saw mill on 4th June, 1990. Bimla Braroo from the Nai Sarak, Srinagar, who along with her daughter, Archana, was raped in the presence of her husband, Sohanlal, before all the three were killed on 31st March, 1992. There are dozens of such brutal instances. Even wicked Afghans,Pakistani fanatic terrorits of Kashmir will be feeling sorry in their graves for the sanatic holocaust of the legendary Kashmiri Pandits.
The barbarous murder of hundreds of innocent Brahmans of Kashmir caused their seventh and final agonizing mass exodus from the Valley. This was the final knock down of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits. The mass massacres at Sangrampora (1997), Udhampore (1997), Prankot (1998), Wandhama (1998) and Nadimarg (2003) were the follow up cleansing operations. Pandits in Kashmir dwindled from 10 per cent in 1947 to fewer than 5 per cent in 1989 and to less than 1 per cent today. The pretended world bodies, contaminated human rights organisations, pseudo-secularists, self-styled leaders, so-called policy makers, tainted political parties and slack bureaucracy have failed to express serious concern at this great human tragedy.
19th January, 1990 which is being observed as exodus day every year, was a terrific day when maximum KPs were forced to leave the Valley. On that day the situation was pathetic, whimpering, sniveling government has all but ceased to exist and has gone into hiding, resigns and goes into a sulk. Curfew was imposed as a first measure to restore some semblance of law and order, but it failed to have a deterrent effect.
Throughout the day, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists and others use public address systems at mosques to exhort people to defy curfew and take to the streets. Masked men, firing from their Kalashnikovs, march up and down, terrorising cowering Pandits who, by then, have locked themselves in their homes. As evening falls, the exhortations become louder and shriller. lot of slogans were repeatedly played the whole night from mosques: “Zalimo, O Kafiro, Kashmir Harmara Chhod do”.Kashmir mein agar rehna hai, Allah-ho-Akbar kahna hoga”(Any one wanting to live in Kashmir will have to convert to Islam) La Sharqia la gharbia, Islamia! Islamia! From East to West, there will be only Islam “Musalmano jago, Kafiro bhago”, (O! Muslims, Arise, O! Kafirs, scoot) “Islam hamara maqsad hai, Quran hamara dastur hai, jehad hamara Rasta hai” (Islam is our objective, Q’uran is our constitution, Jehad is our way of our life) “Kashmir banega Pakistan”(Kashmir will become Pakistan)
“Kashir banawon Pakistan, Bataw varaie, Batneiw saan” (We will turn Kashmir into Pakistan alongwith Kashmiri Pandit women, but without their men folk) “Pakistan se kya Rishta? La Ilah-e- Illalah”
(Islam defines our relationship with Pakistan) Dil mein rakho Allah ka khauf; Hath mein rakho Kalashnikov. (With fear of Allah ruling your hearts, wield a Kalashnikov) “Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e- Mustafa” (We want to be ruled under Shari’ah) “People’s League ka kya paigam, Fateh, Azadi aur Islam”let the Govt. of India wake up, feel and listen the vows of isolated suffered community of Kashmiri Pandits which is in exile from the last 27 years completing just in couple of days on jan 19,2017 which will be observed as black day by whole KP community on the call given by the Kashmiri Pandit Conference(KPC) the leading organisation of victim KP community to pledge to correct the misdoings towards the community by tormentors to appraise the nation about dangers posed to its unity and integrity and expose the secular fabrics of so–called secularists and Jihadi

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