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Kishtwar Cyber cell unearths multi crore fraud; freezes multiple accounts

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KISHTWAR: Kishtwar police has achieved a breakthrough by unearthing a multicrore rupees bank fraud operation through meticulous investigation and technology. The Cyber Cell has not only unveiled the entire fraud but has also exposed the modus operandi adopted by the fraudulent firms, which target individuals in the context of Online work. As per details, an FIR 119/ 23 was registered at Police Station Kishtwar, on the compliant of one Mosin Asger, resident of Tappal Kishtwar, that the fraudsters cheated him of Rs 90,000 on pretext of work from home. SSP Kishtwar Khalil Poswal took cognizance of the case and an FIR was registered immediately. SI Ashwani Kangotra in-charge Cyber Cell was deputed as Investigation Officer.
During the course of investigation it was found that the fraudster used one website on the name of “” which was used for assigning different online task and sharing UPI and accounts details to get fund transferred from the victims. The victims were shown a virtual balance in their online account on this particular website , and also the money earned by completing various task was shown in this virtual accounts. The victim were lured to do heavy weight task which involve lakhs of rupees for more profits. In this way victims were trapped and their hard-earned money was looted.
Whenever a victim raise a request to withdraw money from the virtual accounts on the website, the fraudster used to decline by saying you needs to add more money and complete all other task to get money withdrawals. In this way victims keep on depositing money and ultimately they was no withdrawal.
During investigation , and after completing technical analysis in ESU lab it was found that the website was using CDN services from cloudflare, and after further investigation it was found that the website is hosted on a local server in china (qcloud_net_duty@tencent .com)and the website was a fishy website. The whatsapp and telegram account used for communicating with victims were analysed all were found to be registered outside India e.g philipance etc. The various accounts linked with the fraudster firm were frozen by Kishtwar police who have debit freeze of lakhs of rupees. During investigation, it was also found that the similar nature of complain against the same website has been lodged in different states of the country, making it a national level fraud.
The investigation is still going on, accused has been identified and the legal process for their arrest is underway. Some accounts which are freezed *Yiya trading Pnb account Amount deposited in last 06 month Rs 9,33,00,935 Yiya trading Icici bank Amount deposited in last 06 months …Rs 1,00,000 Jatin traders Amount deposited in last 06 months Rs33,75,224 Ms Ayyappa Infra Tellangana Amount deposited in last 06 month 12,95,53,190 M/s Sap Infotech Amount deposited in last 06 month Rs 29,86,18,589. The Cyber Cell’s success in cracking this case exemplifies its dedication to protecting citizens from evolving cyber threats. The operation began when a series of complaints were filed by victims who had fallen prey to a seemingly legitimate work-from-home opportunity. These victims were lured into sharing sensitive financial information, leading to severe financial losses. Under the supervision of SSP Kishtwar, the Cyber Cell initiated a thorough investigation into the matter, deploying the latest technological tools and collaborating with various cybercrime experts. SSP Kishtwar has commended the dedication and professionalism exhibited by the Cyber Cell in this high-stakes operation. He reiterated the commitment of law enforcement to combat Cyber crimes and protect the citizens hard earned money.

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