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Kavinder meets Union Minister Giriraj Singh, assures to motivate J&K farmers to adopt ‘Cow-Farming’ for doubling income

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AHMADABAD: Kavinder Gupta, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister met the Union Minister of Panchayati Raj, Giriraj Singh in Ahmadabad and discussed various ways and means for doubling farmers’ income.
The meeting focused on the potential benefits of cow farming for farmers in India in general and J&K in particular. While the Union Minister enumerated the massive benefits of the aforesaid farming, the former Dy CM assured him to launch a strong awareness campaign in this regard across J&K Union Territory for the farmers.
During the meeting, Giriraj Singh highlighted the importance of cows in Indian culture, emphasizing that they are considered deities in this nation of the oldest living civilization.
He also asserted that cow farming can play a key role in doubling the income of farmers.
He added that by taking up cow farming, farmers can increase their income mainly through production and sale of milk, cow-dung, and cow urine, all of which are in high demand across the nation.
The Union Minister emphasized upon the farmers to adopt cow farming as it will be a determining factor that would go a long way in helping the farmers in doubling their income through dairy farming.
He highlighted many benefits that cow farming can bring to farmers, including the production of dairy by-products besides the use of cow dung as manure which is a natural nutrient for growing organic crops.
He assured the J&K’s former Dy Chief Minister that the government will provide support and assistance to farmers who choose to adopt cow farming and prefer sustainable farming practices. Therefore, farmers across the country can take advantage of these schemes to further augment their livelihoods by boost their income.
Responding to the Union Minister’s concentrated focus on benefits of the Cow-Farming, Kavinder Gupta assured him that he would leave no stone unturned in promoting cow-farming in J&K.
He pledged to launch a massive awareness campaign to make cow farming a successful and profitable enterprise for farmers of this Union Territory.

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