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Kashmir under siege—face the brute is the call

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Dear Editor,
Whenever required we mince no words in ranting Kashmir is intergral part of India but who cares and who listens in Kashmir, Pakistan and the world as well despite our the best human effort. Currently Kashmir is once again on the boil on an issue which has nothing to do with general human welfare or the Kashmiris in particular. The outbursts and the things happening on ground are indicative of the deep embedded inferno waiting to unleash the multidimensional devastation. We sermonise profusely on different forums that a terrorist has no religion and there is no good or a bad terrorists but when confronted with a ground reality at home we are apt to falter and fumble buckling under pressure of the in house vested interests and the trans-border inimical forces. Burhan Wani was a dreaded terrorist trained and indoctrinated by cross border mentors and planted into south Kashmir to revive and re-ignite terrorist strikes in that area with the well thought out strategy to break the momentum of on going Amarnath Yatra at present by creating fear psychosis across the national spectrum and then attempt to force impossible permanent blockade of age old pilgrimage of national majority community to accomplish the unfinished agenda of ethnic cleansing engineered by them in the nineties.
The detractors and the haters of Amarnath Yatra must bear in mind that no force on earth can stop it after sixty nine years of Independence and their wishful dream of annexing Kashmir from mighty peace loving India Shall never be realized. The prevailing scenario in Kashmir brings some awkward questions to the fore which need be deeply probed and pin pointedly answered to the masses of the country.Post-Independence when Pak military invaded Kashmir in the guise of tribals why the advancing and winning Indian forces were halted in unwanted ceasefire against the will of then Army Chief who resigned in protest and instead a complaint was filed with the United Nations? Why Kashmir was not treated at par with other states but conceded special status in the shape of Article 370 which was stated to be a temporary provision and in the early parliamentary debates then Prime Minister assured it to erode with the passage of time. At the moment no politician openly advocates its revocation from the Constitution but people on the other side do have the gumption to challenge none can dare to touch it. In 2014 entire Kashmir Valley was inundated, the incumbent Union Govt proactively doled out financial help and pressed into service the army and other allied services to retrieve the imperiled people jeopardising their own lives. In 2016 when Burhan Wani was killed by security forces he was projected as Robin Hood by the same masses. Leading opposition leader eulogises him as icon of youth. Pak observes the day of his elimination as martyrs day and a black day. Youth in Kashmir storm out in the open to shoot stones on the same security forces who retrieved them from the jaws of death. PDP the leading partner in the State Govt raises a question mark on the killing of Burhan in Parliament. J and K BJP is emitting no befitting response in the heady situation. It is welcome Home Minister Raj Nath has dared to say Kashmir issue is nothing but vacation of Pak Occupied Kashmir. Mind it please. The solution lies in facing the brute. No compromise for power ,have the guts to hit the bulls’ eye in the national interest.
P.C Sharma
Trikuta Nagar Jammu

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