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Kashmir bleeding, BJP ministers swerve to Jammu

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

Every other day we find news papers are abound with the whirl wind tours of BJP ministers in Jammu region and leaving CM’s lonely battle to tackle with present situation arisen in the Valley. These BJP ministers have preferred to stay in Srinagar during the holidays also, but after the present crises silently, they packed to Jammu thus avoiding their responsibility as a coalition partner in the government and left the alliance partner in lurch. One must remember the lust of these BJP ministers, when they moved to Kashmir even before the opening of summer capital after close of it at Jammu and were spotted in tourist places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg on one pretext or the other, enjoying cool breeze on State exchequer. The Omni present BJP ministers camping in the summer capital in Valley have banished from the scene. Ironically, the BJP ministers remained conspicuous with their absence even in Jammu, where thousands of pilgrims were stranded for days together. For remaining in oblivion after escaping from their responsibilities as a coalition partner of the government, owing to their non acceptance by the Valleyities, their presence was known to the people through the news papers. We thank the reporters for their contribution to realise that the BJP ministers still exist as partner of the alliance government, although not in a position to contribute anything or to advance any suggestions to its partner in efforts to normalise the situation in the Valley. To avoid any criticism about their banishing from the scene at the time of requirement, they are keeping themselves busy in preferring tours of their constituencies, than to speak on the prevailing situation of the Valley for which they are equally responsible being part of the government, which has failed to rise to the occasion. Some of the un required tasks of these ministers as reported in various news papers are cited for debate in public domain that how much they are relevant keeping in view the situation in Valley and in Jammu where thousands of Amaranth pilgrims are suffering;
* Minister of State for Transport, PWD, and Revenue, Sunil Kumar Sharma was accompanying the Annual Sarthal Yatra at Kishtwar.
* Dy. CM was busy in conducting meeting at Phinter, Billawar and announcing that 21 road projects will be taken up in Billawar. The Forest Minister was busy in conducting whirl wind tour of his constituency in Basohli. The Minister for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department, Abdul Ghani Kohli was reviewing physical and financial achievements in Kalakote Rajouri, under centrally sponsored schemes.
* Dy. CM was speaking about policy of government of zero tolerance in corruption and to ensure proactive and pro-people governance at Chingi Makwal Billawar. Minister for PHE and Irrigation and Flood Control Sham Lal Choudhary was inspecting canals in Jammu and taking stock of irrigation facilities.
* The where about of other BJP ministers find no mention in the media, hence their conspicuous hibernation is more disturbing.
An undercurrent was realised by the other BJP leaders in public domain about this type of behavior of BJP ministers, which was further deteriorating the position of BJP, on 15th July itself, BJP State President convened a meeting of top leaders in Jammu, to discuss Kashmir situation attended by senior leaders such as BJP MP, State General Secretaries and asked the BJP ministers to remain stationed in Srinagar to keep watch on the administration and manage the situation. But what was the reaction of this dictate of State President by these ministers find no mention anywhere in local media, but the dictate has strengthened the impression of general public about insensitiveness of these BJP ministers and the party itself.
Whereas on the other hand, finding all alone to tackle the Kashmir situation, the concern of the CM has been responded in a very positive way by PDP ministers and MLAs by fanning out in all districts of Kashmir Valley to diffuse the situation and they have been occupying much space in news papers. Some of the PDP minister’s concern and their longing for their people deserve mention as an eye opener for our insensitive ministers of BJP quota, who are neither sensitive towards the Valleyites nor to the Jammuites as; Finance Minister, Dr Hasib Drabu visited Pulwama along with MoS Forest, Zahoor Ahmed, Minister for Public Works Abdul Rehman Veeri visited Anantnag, Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation, Syed Basharat Bukhari visited Baramula, Minister of State for Hajj and Auqaf, Syed Farooq Andrabi visited Kulgam. Apart from the ministers the MPs and MLAs are also on run in their respective constituencies holding meetings with administration and citizens.
From the situation emerging as a divergent attitude of BJP ministers, the analytical minds are predicting that after the normalness in the Valley, the coming days for the BJP will be rainy days. What has made these BJP ministers to adopt complete silence and never issued a single statement as to condemn the action of separatist minded people in spear heading the present turmoil in Valley is very disturbing to the common man and they deserve explanation before the public, whose sentiments they have exploited at the time of elections. Without assessing the real ground position, the BJP leadership is just diverting the attention of the people by convening meetings on the situation at Jammu. The attitude of BJP ministers and their leadership is bound to vitiate the peaceful ambience in Jammu region as their criminal silence on the issue tends to the belief of Jammuites of their supportive secret agenda towards separatists and anti-national element existing in the State.

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