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Kashmir, a rejuvenating beauty

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Sunaina Malik 

Kashmir is a place, which has been in world wide debate from time immemorial. This dialogue was some time, due to mesmerising effect of topography of Kashmir, some time due to dictatorship of Maharajas, some time due to injustice, some time due to wars between India and Pakistan and some time due to on going militancy. It is because of this, that economy of our State has been on back foots during this era. Time and again terrorist attacks have ruined Govt. and private property at large. Prized lives of civil and Govt. officials, outstanding buildings, durable bridges, innumerable Govt. and private vehicles, schools and college buildings, along with Kashmiri Pandits dwellings were spoiled during this proxy war between two countries. One can see the atrocious face of terrorism in the form of burnt houses, busted lanes and collapsed walls, while travelling along the streets of Kashmir Valley. Apparently cheery faces of Kashmiri men and women have broken hearts due to the sad demise of their loved ones. Every family is nourishing the pains of terrorism with their tears. A sort of aggressiveness has developed in youth of Kashmir. In count to this, even nature has also shown her wrath to Kashmir, in the form of fearsome flood in river Jhelum last year. Damage caused by flood has wrecked the Kashmiri people from with in.
This insurgency may be the blunder of separatists, Pakistan or then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru but it affected the Kashmiri people in their edification, progress, opulence and employment. It also pushed Kashmir ten years back in the chase of competition, accomplishment and lavishness. Kashmir would have been some where else if there was no political and civil turmoil in it. But friends even inspite of such overwhelming and fluctuating changes, when ever, I visit Kashmir, it appears to me as rejuvenating, enthralling, invigorating and lovable as ever. Every year cool, unsullied, green and million miles stretched water of Dal Lake has seductive effect on its visitors. Oxygenated and life full air of lush green Chinars of Kashmir gives a heavenly effect to the tourists. Every year velvety green meadows of Kashmir makes its visitors spellbound, gushing movements of snowy white water of innumerable rivers and rivulets leaves us speechless. People across the world disappear in the beauty of snow covered peaks of Valley and do not stop their self, in uttering that if there is heaven on earth, it is Kashmir, is Kashmir. Every year beauty and charm of Mughal Gardens undergo rejuvenation and leave a undiminished effect on the sub consciousness of tourists.
Paddy fields stretched on Canals of land, present the magnificence of its creator and broaden smile on the lips of tourists. When ever fresh breeze flows through them, it gives birth to infinite number of ripples in them which penetrate deep in the souls of its on lookers and gives them an eternal gratification. Diverse species of herbs, shrubs and big trees decorate Kashmir every year and present a new face to its visitors and compel them to visit here again and again. Decorated as brides, house boats and Shikaras leave treasured memories in the heart and souls of every one. Snow roofed meadows provide a breathtaking skating rides to tourists. Sport lovers love to visit Kashmir even during Chile Kalan. Every year autum imparts red colour to Chinars of Kashmir and present a increditable scenery for its on lookers and induce poets to write poetry in extol of incessant gorgeousness of Kashmir.
In addition to this marvelously constructed housing colonies of Kashmir are the quintessence of Kashmir’s art and dexterity, hand knitted shawls, Kurtas, Kaaleens, curtains, mattings leave tourists nothing, but to tribute Kashmiris for their hand skills. Shrines and mosques impart a pious atmosphere to whole Valley. This pious atmosphere takes every one near to God, irrespective of religion caste, color and creed. Every year fruited trees of Cherry, Apricot, Peach, Apple, Walnut, Strawberry, and Almond provide fresh and unadulterated fruits to its visitors. Kashmiri market has utmost of its vegetables from its home nurseries, so visitors can have pesticides and chemicals free vegetables. Above all Kashmiri Wazwan is that specialty of Kashmiri cooks, which leaves its taste in the mouth of its eaters, for days together.
From this platform, I would like to advocate that militancy and Jhelum flood has not affected the charisma and exquisiteness of Kashmir( Heaven on Earth); so if you want tobe lost in the mesmerising beauty of Dal Lake, if you want to enjoy the velvety touch of green meadows of Gulmarg, if you want to experience the awesome coolness of snowy rivers of Sonamerg, if you want to listen to the melodious songs of millions of birds of Kashmir, if you want to get blessings of Saint of Makhdoom Sahib (Srinagar), Charar-e-Sharief (Badgam), Baba Reshi (Gulmarg), Lar Sharief (Kangan), if you want to be lost in rejuvenating beauty of innumerable and colorful species of flowers of Mughal Gardens, if you want to enjoy the boat ride in gushing water of Jhelum, if you crave to purchase Kashmiri shawls, Kurtas, Kaleens, copper utensils, Zafaran, carved vases, Kashmiri handbags, please pay your vacation to Kashmir and take bliss from the untouched marvel of nature.

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