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JPPF celebrates Accession Day

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JPPF Accession Day Celebratied (3)
JPPF activists paying tributes to Maharaja Hari Singh Statue at Jammu.


JAMMU: Jammu Province People’s Forum (JPPF) a strong  and united voice  of Jammu province,   an   amalgam  of     more  than  50   social,   commercial  and  other organisations,   celebrated   Accession Day    of  Jammu and Kashmir with Union of India.

A function was organized at Maharaja Hari Singh Statue near Tawi Bridge under the leadership of Pavitar Singh (retd) Session Judge and M.S Katoch Working President JPPF.

Talking  to  media  persons, Katoch  told  that  there  was  no  need  of celebration of such occasion because approximately 652 princely run states were acceded with the Dominion of India,  but the Kashmiri leadership’s controversial  and misleading statements  forced not only them but many other patriotic organisations to apprise the society about truth otherwise whatever said by separatist mind set will be taken as final verdict and a day will come when the generations will accept it the way Pakistan centric people are projecting this issue.

Such people who are projecting accession as disputed issue do not introspect themselves even they do not want to know their past, he said adding that if they go back and study their family history for last  3-4  generations  most  of them will  come  to  know  about themselves too.

Further, Katoch said that every citizen must be aware of the fact that during partition Maharaja Hari Singh, who managed this State after 1925, did lot many exemplary works for the development of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and wanted to keep this state as an independent country but Pakistan who in spite of signing standstill agreement attacked this state by sending his forces to capture Kashmir.

Pakistan did not hesitate to infiltrate to Poonch and other areas where the innocent people were murdered mercilessly, women were raped and houses were looted, he added.

JPPF also felt that entire Kashmir was bought by the then Maharaja Gulab Singh for Rs 75 lakh, but today separatists are painting different picture in local as well as international market even Pakistan is establishing his claim on the land of Kashmir and trying hard to encroach land by misleading youth of the Kashmir.

JPPF also remembered late Brigadier Rajinder Singh, who sacrificed his life and saved Kashmir on this day, and paid rich tributes to him.

Many prominent personalities of the Jammu province namely   Daya Sagar Sr Journalist, Narayan Singh Jamwal President Rajput Sabha J&K, K.K Proach Retd judge and Inderjeet Khajuria spoke and highlighted their views on accession of Jammu and Kashmir with India.

They said that Maharaja Hari Singh was a great ruler and has taken every care to protect the rights of the people of the State and today we all are proud to be part of this great country where we have all the rights, respect and honour.

“We are grateful to Maharaja who gifted and blessed us with the honour large number of the people drawn, from different segments of the society witnessed the function and requested to keep on organising this kind of function/event    in    order    to    bring   the    awareness    among   the   young generations,” they said.

Senior Vice President JPPF, S. Gajan Singh,   Vice   President,    Avinash   Bhatia,    M.L Sharma,    R.L Tandon, Amrit Magotra, Kamla Sharma,   Prithvi Singh, S Gajan Singh Akali, S .Balwinder Bhatia, Prof B.L Bhardwaj, Rajiv Mahajan and Tilak Kashyap were also present.

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