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Sunaina Malik

It would not be incorrect to call journalism as a simple plane mirror which reflects a factual, lucid and illusion free image of our society as a whole. Today our journalists are quite sovereign to call wrong a wrong and right a right. Being the forth firm pillar of democracy, fear less journalism has even become an upper hand in running the Govts. of different countries of world. Today everybody is well aware of the fact that only those criminal and civil cases get redrassal which are highlighted by our print and electronic media, rest of all the cases get only (Thareek pe thareek, Thareek pe Thareek). In addition to this today our T.V anchors have more influence over the mind of people of our country than great politicians of country because it is only the life and character of a journalist which is free from all the dirt of society. Whole media community is supposed to highlight the plight miseries, pain and problems of destitute, irrespective of caste, colour and creed but I am very apologetic to say that indifference of whole of media group towards the ongoing bleeding turmoil in Kashmir has bleeded my heart a lot and hearts of millions of Kashmiri people who are crying out of pain and agony. Today whole world is searching different Indian news channels for update from Valley but they are not getting even a single one minute news item from these channel. When whole world and even UN is discussing Kashmir problem our so called honoured Indian media donot feel it a need to at least follow the norms of humanity by giving the world a real picture in Kashmir.
Every day I come across at least one news item regarding eating, sleeping and excretion habits of different species of the country but our reporters donot feel it a need to telecast a single news item of dying Kashmiri people, tears of Kashmiri mothers, blinded eyes of Kashmiri children due to pellet attack, hungry mouths of Kashmiri people due to complete Bandhs, dying hope of Kashmiri race, exploitation of Kashmiris, destruction of Kashmiri buildings during nocturnal raids, missing of our numberless young Kashmiri students and arrest of young and old folk on mere suspicion. Sorry to say but by not telecasting or covering the plights of Kashmiri race Indian media have lowered the head of humanity and breached the ethics of journalism. This biased act of Indian media has risen million of eye brows over the credibility of Indian media.
No body can deny the fact that deaths bring disaster, pain and tears. Every diseased whether armed personnel, militant or civilian leaves behind him weeping children, helpless wife and dependent old parents then my question to all, why the tears of families of only armed personnel are highlighted? Why not anybody shows concern about the orphans left by a Kashmiri? Why not the world is taking it seriously that Kashmiris are dying not out of fun and enjoyment? But there is a strong concern behind, why our Indian media is getting biased with we Kashmiris as we are also a part of them?

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