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JNU issue; it is time for some corrective action

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Dear Editor,
In the context of anti-India activities inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus, by a section of Leftist students, backed by faculty members, the writer has raised a few important questions about Government-funding of students, particularly thesis scholars like JNU Students Union president Kanhaiya Kumar, who continue to stay on for an indefinite period, in subsidised hostel accommodation, enjoying canteen food for a pittance.
No wonder, anti-Indian, parochial and extremist elements keep emerging from time to time. It is high time the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development looked at this alarming phenomenon closely for a corrective action. JNU was set up to produce enlightened scholars, for the nation’s advancement, and not rabble-rousers like Kanhaiya. How long can the tax-payer suffer for this terrible misuse of money that is fueling anti-Indian thinking not only among a segment of students, but also the faculty members?
M Ratan
Via email

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