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JK SSB aspirants express gratitude to LG administration for restoration of waiting list

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JAMMU: The JKSSB aspirant community, comprising over 2 lakh candidates, extends their heartfelt gratitude to Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha for the momentous decision to revive & restore the waiting list demand of aspiring candidates. This crucial development, announced today, comes as a beacon of hope and relief for countless aspirants eagerly awaiting opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir.
Led by prominent youth activist Swarnveer Singh Jaral, alongside Muktesh Yogi, Yashika Mahajan, Arun Sharma, Neeraj Sharma, and Ankush Sharma, the aspirant community gathered in a jubilant celebration at Hari Singh Park, Jammu. Amidst cheers and jubliations sweets were distributed among the assembly to mark this significant milestone in their journey.
The revival of the waiting list signifies more than just a bureaucratic decision; it embodies the aspirations and dreams of the youth striving for a brighter future. The LG Government’s responsiveness to the concerns of JKSSB aspirants underscores a commitment to inclusive governance and empowerment.
Swarnveer Singh Jaral, representing the voices of the aspirant community, expressed profound gratitude to the LG Government for recognizing the urgency of the waiting list revival. He emphasized the transformative impact this decision will have on the lives of aspirants and their families across the region.
Muktesh Yogi, Prominent Socio-Political Activist also briefed the media about the challenges faced by the youth of J&K and requested administration not to take such decisions in haste and hurry which prove fatal to the youth of Jnk. He further appealed that more posts should be advertised so that unemployment can be reduced and the matter of fire and emergency should also be resolved at the earliest.
Yogi and fellow activists urged the LG Government to announce a mass job package for Jammu and Kashmir’s youth as unemployment among educated youth in Jammu and Kashmir is on the rise and there is brewing great disappointment among the educated youth which needs to be addressed on priority. The collective efforts of aspirants, activists, and community leaders have culminated in this pivotal moment of celebration and gratitude. Their unwavering determination and advocacy have played a crucial role in amplifying the voices of the aspirant community and advocating for their rightful opportunities. As the aspirant community looks forward to the implementation of the revived waiting list, they remain committed to contributing positively to the development and progress of Jammu and Kashmir. This historic decision reaffirms the belief in the power of collective action and the promise of a brighter future for all.

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