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Jihads have become a threat to the world

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Dear Editor,
After ‘Love Jihad’, and ‘Cricket Jihad’ promoted by a Pakistani cricketer in Sri Lanka, as also by a British Muslim cricketer playing against India in the recently concluded series, who displayed an arm band supporting the terror group Hamas, the writer has highlighted ‘Sex Jihad’ being enacted by young Tunisian Muslim women to help the Islamic State jihadis.
There were also reports of some Muslim women from the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe doing the same thing. One cannot forget the cruelties of terror group Boko Haram against young Muslim girls. What is wrong with the Islamic world? Why does such religious perversity not cause a genuine furore in the Ummah? Unfortunately, one reads verse after verse in the Quran which talks of ‘non-believers’ that will ‘burn in hell-fire’. How can one get peace in a climate of intolerance and hatred?
M Ratan
New Delhi

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