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Jihadists warning to China, lesson for Marxists

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Holding China no different from other countries Islamic States last days issued warning to it also. This happened when after taking training from Islamic States Chinese Uighar Jihadists, long engaged in fighting with China for their freedom, announced that they are returning to their land. Making no concession they threatened China in clear words that-‘We are the fighters of Khalifa, and with Islamic States we will talk in the language of weapons and will make blood flow in rivers in China’. Country’s Communists, looking upon China as their ideological mentor, are expected to take a look at this. This outburst from Jihadists is nothing but result of policy adopted by Chinese establishment towards them, which if our communists paid honest attention at it their views regarding Afzal, YakoobMemon and so-called freedom of Kashmir might come to change. Just remember the time when Beijing-Olympics were about to start in 2009 and China was rocked with the terror strikes in Sinkiang on 5th August, and later near Beijing on August 11 by jihadists, leaving several policemen dead. Not only this Urumqi, the capital of Sinkiang, inflamed with riot between Uighur Muslims and Han Chinese resulting 184 deaths and over 1,000 people injured- most of them were Han Chinese. But, anticipating that these incidents might threaten the staging of Olympics, how Chinese govt. reacted to this is what is worth notable. Sparing no time, nor indulging in the political calculation, it one pointedly declared war on three forces namely- separatism, extremism and terrorism. And, true to declaration, the rioters were crushed with sheer brute force, being treated as they deserved to be. With no concession Friday prayers in Urumqi mosques were banned and Muslims were sternly told to pray from their homes. And, eventually, Olympics games started peacefully; and passed off successfully. And, nay, no one like us thereafter ever heard any more of the disturbances, far less riots. Yet question persists how so comfortably could Chinese govt. achieve normalcy in the country? Answer is, by two things-diplomacy and action. The instance of as to how it displayed action that we have seen above. And as for diplomacy see as
Geographically there are three Kashmirs in the world- One is India’s; second, Pakistan occupied Kashmir [POK]; and third is Sinkiang, the Chinese Kashmir, sharing border with Laddakh in India’s Kashmir, and almost1/3 of India in size. Notably, in 1949 Sinkiang had a majority of Turkish Muslims [Uighurs] – as high as 94 per cent; while Han Chinese were just 6 per cent. Then it was independent state, being known as East Turkmenistan; but later it was invaded by China and came to be known as Sinkiang. Because of the historic reason and of course jihadists elements as cited above this part had been trouble torn, but how China handled it is notable; and, worth learning for us facing same kind of problem with our Kashmir. It strove to integrate Sinkiang through bringing about its demographic transformation by settling Han Chinese there. As result of which in the six decades since 1949 the population of Han Chinese shot up by seven times- and now they constitute 41per cent, with Uighurs coming down to 45 per cent [rest of the population being comprised of other group]. Means, China trusted not its army or administrative apparatus alone, but more so its people i.e. Han Chinese.
Keeping into view the example of China, Indian Marxist had better allow govt. and security forces do their work. Or else nothing can stop the already held notion regarding them that they are with that everything which is against the interest of nation to get further strengthened. By descending on the street in support of Kashmir to be handed over to jihadists they can bring harm to the country, no doubt. But from this something may come to their hands this they themselves can’t imagine. For they would not be ignorant enough to know that everybody else is equally Kafir for them[jihadists] who are non-conformists to Islam as masterminded by them- their Muslim brethren, Shias, are case in the point; and as also innocent Yazidi women, whom they exploit with no mercy at all. African countries like Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Senegal, Ethiopia and entire Arab region are suffered with their own respective Afzal Gurus and YakoobMemons. Last year only because of the jihadists so many as 50 thousands Muslims of Central African republic, one more country of the continent, were forced to flee their homeland. A terrorist organisation named ‘Seleka’ staged the coup in Central African Republic and usurped the power there. Whims of running the country as per Islamic Shariyat law by the new ruling power came to the fellow Christian citizens of the land as a misfortune. But when with the time this went beyond the limit Christians found their survival alone in retaliation. They united and rose to fight back. How severe would the consequence be, as a result of, to realize that we had so big a migration of the Muslims from there was before us.
Be it France that gave the message of liberty, equality and fraternity or be it China that refrain from religion itself, let alone religious discrimination , or it be Pakistan, by the strong, sustained support of which terrorism grew insurmountably so dreadful Jihadists are nowhere at ease. Now as such from where Marxist drew conclusion that by showing sympathy with jihadists they would be able to do what none could do.

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