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Our Jawans, worthy Rashtra Puttras

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Capt Purushottam Sharma (Retd)

Lord Krishna makes very clear in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita “Tasmat Sarveshu Kaleshu Mananusmar Yudhya Cha” (7/VIII) (Remember me at all times and also fight). He further assures that “Dando Damayatamashmi Nitirasim Jigisatam” (38/X). ( I am the subduing power in rulers; I am the strategy (righteousness) of those who seek to conquer). Lord wants us all to strive for brotherhood and unitedly rise above all distractions to conquer the enemies and enjoy the affluent kingdom. Performance of duty with unflinching faith in Him pleases the Lord very much. Absolute fearlessness is one of the marks of a person born with divine gifts.
“Mata Bhoomipputroaham Prithiviya” (motherland is my mother and I am the son of my motherland). All of us have a duty towards our motherland. Motherland is our earth Goddess. Our moral, social, cultural and economic freedom and fame depend on the total freedom of the motherland. It is said “Motherland and mother are superior to Paradise”. We are profoundly blessed by the Lord of the Universe through the wisdom of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and our other holy scriptures which have been the perennial source of inspiration for us to perform heroic deeds and heroic fortitudes. Everyone of us is Arjuna determined to carry out the injunctions of Srimad Bhagwat Gita, a Gospel of Righteousness. Moving ahead hand-in-hand in unity we are still engaged in righteous action in which the antagonists are being made to lick the dust for the “Truth Triumphs”. Therefore, every battle is bound to bring us the victory.
Celestial song of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita is our life breath. Fearlessness, Sacrifice, valour and devotion to duty are the commandments of Holy Gita. The teachings therein flowed from the lips of the Lord. One who follows these teaching never fails in his mission. He is the dearest devotee of the Lord who shows no sign of hesitation to make offering of the supreme sacrifice in the defence of his motherland. Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as ‘Paramtap’ (the destroyer of enemies) and calls upon him to lift himself up from the delusion, arise and fight. Duty demands of him to fight the righteous war. Failure to do the duty will not only incur bad name and shame but amount to sin by disobeying the sacred command. To fight a righteous war is the golden opportunity which should be availed of as a privilege with pride and determination. In death in the field of battle lies heaven and in victory, there is sovereignty. Lord commands: “Niyatam Kuru Karma Tvam Karma Hyakarmanad” (Do your assigned duty, for action is certainly superior to inaction (8/III). Laying stress on performing the duties efficiently through the spirit of sacrifice, Lord reveals that this is the only way to achieve the highest good. “Mayi Sarvani Karmani Sannyasyadhyatma Cetasa Nirasirnirmamo Bhutva Yudhyasva Vigatajvarsh” (30/III). (Casting all thy actions on me, with thy mind fixed on indwelling Atman, free from thought of fruit and feeling of mine and cured of thy mental fever, fight).
“Sauryam Tejo Dhrtirdaksyam Yuddhe Capyapalayanam Danamisvar Bhavasca Ksatram Karama Savabhavajam” (43/xviii) (Exhibition of valour, fearlessness, firmness, resourcefulness, steadiness in battle giving away gifts and capability to rule are the natural traits of a warrior.)
” Upsthaste anmeeva ayakhma asmbhyam santhu prthvi prasuta. Dheerdham Na Aayu Pratibudhyamana Vayam Tubhyam Valihrita Syam” (Atharv 12, 2, 62) )’.
O Motherland, bless us to live with healthy mind. May your sons be free from any disease or respiratory disorder. Mother India, bestow on us all kinds of benefactions (feeds, fortunes, fabrics and varieties of precious treasures. May your sons live long. May they be possessed with un-matching strength and wisdom. Whenever opportunities demand, may your son be prepared to lay the supreme sacrifice. May they unitedly defeat anti-national elements’). [“Asarv Veershcrato Pranutto Vdweshyo Mittranam Parivargya Swanam Ut Prithivya Mavsyanti Vidyat Uggro Va Dev Pramrinat Spatnan” (Atharv 9,2,14)-] (‘O Motherland, inspired by our military might and firm resolve of the people, may the leader of our country (Bharat) move everywhere fearlessly. If enemy intrudes in our territory and attempts to grab any portion of it, our leader should get it vacated and put to death all the men and leaders of men of the enemy. May we create such conditions for that enemy as may cause to incur displeasure of even its friendly countries. And its own people too condemn such lowly acts. It is the supreme duty of us all and of those in power to lay any sacrifice in the defence of our motherland. Then and then only, we are your worthy ‘Rashtra Puttra’. Meticulous obedience of divine command can ensure us fame and fortune. We are a great nation and the blood that runs in our veins has testified this fact in the battle-fields several times. Lord, in order to remove the doubt of warriors, reveals that he is the supreme. He bodies himself from age to age whenever there is decline of Dharma ( righteousness) and that he protects the virtuous and extirpates the evil-doers. God is gracious and delighted to find his obedient sons and daughters performing their prescribed duties in the defence of the beloved motherland, Bharat. Engaged in action, these Karamyogies are bound to conquer. They are the beloved ones who explicitly carry out the command of the father in the establishment of Dharma ( righteousness). Actions of such noble and mighty souls are for the good of Lord’s creation.
Loving thoughts of millions of people at home and abroad are with these valiant sons of Bharatmata, born with Divine Endowment, who are engaged in the defence of the motherland. These brave jawans through the just path of action, are displaying their proficience and gallantry in their field of soldiering proving “Yoga Karmsu Kaushalam” (Gita). Distinguishing themselves in the field of battle fearlessly facing the challenges of sub-zero temperature glaciers, loftiest summits, virgin Valleys, the deep ravines, roaring waters and growling forests, gaining victory after victory, making the enemy to lick the dust and flee, they are bringing laurels to the mother India, proving their worth, :Veera Bhogya Vasundhara” (Men of valour alone are entitled to enjoy the fruits of honorable living on this beautiful motherland).
We remember with reverence our valiant heroes, the descendants of the heroic race of this sacred land Bharat, who gallantly fought in the defence of their beloved motherland and brought conquent after conquest displaying unparalleled courage, fortitude and heroism leaving behind treasures of inspiration and heroic deeds which will prompt patriotism among their successors.
Nation can never forget the sacrifices of Jawans made in the defence of Mother Bharat in accordance with ‘Dharma’ of Warriors and those who stand and guard our frontiers with bubbling enthusiasm and unshaken determination.

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