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Jammu Sahodaya invites Professor of Eminence Dr Sanjeev Sahni for Talk show



JAMMU: Jammu Sahodaya organized a Talk Show under the aegis of renowned OP Jindal Global University Sonipat Haryana on the topic ‘Emotional Well Being & Stress Management’ by Professor of Eminence Dr. Sanjeev P. Sahni for Teachers, Counsellors, Coordinators, VPs, Principals & Management people.
Prof Sahni is the Principal Director Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences; Director for Centre for Victimology & Psychological Studies; Centre for Leadership & Change; Centre for Community Mental Health; Centre for Criminology & Forensic studies; Member of the Governing Body & Advisor to the Vice Chancellor of OP Jindal Global University.
Prof Sahni enthralled the audience with his profound knowledge related to psychology. The audience felt as they were interacting with some renowned psychologist.
He appealed all the Principals, Vice Principals, Coordinators & teachers to be well versed with the tenets of Child Psychology.
A sound knowledge of psychology will equip the eduleaders with requisite tools to counter the challenges of day today life. He advised the audience to stay happy, healthy and develop a sense of humour in them.
While delivering his much awaited discourse on the topic Emotional Well Being & Stress Management, he shared his nuggets of wisdom in the form of Ten Commandments. He started with “Food & Mood”. He spoke at length on this topic and appealed people to be careful about consumption of food. He requested them to avoid three white poisons, namely, white flour, salt & sugar.
He enlightened the audience on the term “Fasting & feasting”. We need to strike a balance between the two and stay conscious at the energy level of human body. He drew the attention of the intellectual audience to include fruits & roughage in their daily diet.
The third commandment focused on the topic Physical Fitness. He requested the audience to measure their Basal Heart Rate. “If it is less than 64 beats per minute, then the individual is definitely physically, mentally & emotionally healthy. If it ranges between 65 & 70, then it’s a matter of concern. However, if it goes beyond 71 per minute, then the person must contact Prof Sahni”, reflected the Behavioural Scientist with a pinch of humour.
The fourth commandment focused on POSTURE. He appealed people to study their posture very closely. He shared various instances when wrong postures led to physical ailments. He requested people to keep changing their postures and avoid sitting for long intervals in the same postures.
The fifth commandment focused on a very substantial aspect Sleep. He prescribed 8 hour sleep for students. He also enlightened the audience with the study that an individual retains 80% of learning during the morning hours; retains 60% of learning during the afternoon hours & retains only 14-17% of learning during the night hours.
The sixth commandment exposed the intellectual community to the importance of water consumption. He shared that we shouldn’t consume more amount of water in one go, as it dilutes the digestive juices in our body. He was specific, when he stated that 200 ml to 300 ml of water should be consumed during one & a half hours.
The seventh commandment was an eye opener, that is, mental relaxation. He asked people to sit for 15 minutes per day with eyes closed for five days a week. He appealed people to think about all those things which provide them mental solace/ emotional soccour. It’s a must for internal healing and nourishment.
The eighth commandment “Ask for Help & Communicate” called for an applause from the audience. He tried convincing people to never feel shy in asking for help and communicate very openly. Overcoming shyness is as important as physical well being.
The ninth commandment was the development of relationship bank. He stated that “if you are in touch with more than fifty people in life regularly, then you needn’t worry; but if this number goes below 20, then you must contact Prof Sahni”, he again shared his streak of witty humour.
The tenth commandment drew the attention towards the development of gratitude journal. He shared that expressing gratitude to people nurtures peace within us. If we are sharing our gratitude with more than fifty people every week, then we’ll remain happy beings forever ahead but expressing our gratitude to less than 20 people may push us into stressful siyuation. Audience left the venue with loads of take aways. Joy writ large over every face spoke volumes about the success of the programme.
Prof Sahni felicitated all the Principals & Vice Principals with a scarf each with a JGU insignia embroidered over it, similar to Harvard University scarf. He appreciated the team work of Jammu Sahodaya & wished all the Institutions innumerable milestones & glory ahead.
He expressed his thanks to Rajesh Rathore, President, Jammu Sahodaya & Principal, JK Public School, Kunjwani, Jammu for organizing it so flawlessly & efficiently.
He promised to conduct two sessions for the parents & students shortly in the biggest auditorium of Jammu to accommodate the maximum attendees. The Talk show reached its culmination point with the serving of delicious dinner.

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