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Freebies don’t come free


Manmohan Dhar

Prime Minister Narinder Modi while inaugurating and dedicating to the nation the 296 Km Bundelkhand express way at Katheri in Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh has expressed his serious concern over the Rewadi culture. (Rewadi is a kind of sweet candy and is used in a Hindi proverb as something being distributed free, ‘Rewadi bantna’.) He said this culture is prevalent in the country and various political parties are dangerously affecting the country’s economy by indulging in this rewadi culture. He was of the opinion that anything that is being distributed free always comes at a cost. When anything is given free to one person some other person has to pay for it.
This is a very simple economic theory and some political hypocrites do not understand this basic fact.
And even if they understand they ignore just to fulfil their political ambitions, to make their agenda of hatred a continuous process in the pursuit to ridicule and rag on their political opponents.
He said that an effort is being made in our country these days to inculcate a culture of giving out freebies for votes. This culture of bribing the voters is very dangerous for the development of the country. The voter and common man has to understand the trick of opportunist politicians that freebie which they throw towards them is the bait and there is definitely a hook.
So before falling for the bait they have to visualise the hook and avoid getting trapped or caught, because what comes free to them is a loss to the country.
If this Rewadi culture continues to be a practice then the day is not far when we will have to face a very drastic economic and social unrest in our country. Well, it is not something that the politicians expend out of their own earnings.
All that goes out in the shape of freebies puts a huge burden on the state and national exchequer which in turn makes the life of a common man miserable.
Common sense says that people value things when they have to pay for them. When something comes free they don’t value it. National awards have been given to those who did not even deserve to dream of such prestigious awards coming their way.
But, the irony is that some political parties use these awards as Rewadis (freebies) to bribe influential personalities from almost all walks of life simply to fulfill their ulterior motives of defaming and demeaning their political rivals thereby satisfying their dirty political aspirations.
These political parties in addition to promising National awards to these unethical and irresponsible persons in lieu of their defamation campaigns against their political opponents, also provide huge amounts of cash to them to execute their ugly operations.
And these huge deliveries of black money are used for spreading hatred and an atmosphere of Chios and instability in the country.
Different organisations all over the globe which do not want to see a stable India are also brought into the web and a collective campaign is undertaken to fulfill the nefarious designs of the Anti-national elements in and outside India.
These political parties can even go extent of compromising the National security only because they want their opponents kneel to their knees just because they hate them so intensely that it becomes very painful for them to see them rule the country with a much progressive and efficient administrative skill set.
In recent years a competition like situation has been observed in so far as the handing of freebies is concerned on a state level in various states of the country. Some political leaders at the helm of affairs have their own style of running the administration.
In fact they can’t even be compared to any of their counter parts ruling rest of the states of the Indian Union in distribution of freebies.
Now, coming to the policy of making travel, free for the women, that too on a very discriminatory pattern.
For the women of the state it is made free but those who do not hail from that particular state but are somehow putting up there, it is not free for them. But, whatever the style of distributing freebies may be, free travel can never be justified as a prudent economic management for any Govt. Freebies are not only distributed in the shape of free ride only, in fact almost every household is being made a parasite by bribing with free electricity and free water.
This slavery for bribe in the form of Rewadies is quite a dangerous proposition and it is bound to create an economic havoc if not dealt with a firm resolve to get it eradicated once and for all from the country’s political system.
Otherwise these political hypocrites will drag the country into an economic darkness where the light of a rich and healthy economy will be reduced to nothing but a dream which will never come true.
A strong and outright message has to go to all such anti-national and anti-Modi politicians and political parties that denting the national exchequer through financial malpractices can no more be tolerated.
Revenue that gets leaked through the distribution of freebies to bribe the voter, can be channelised for country’s developmental programmes and the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden.
Rewadi culture as Prime Minister put it and handing of freebies is a direct invasion on the hard earned money of the working class, who pay taxes honestly to the Govt. It is an attack on a poor man’s livelihood.
It is an undeclared war against the well being of the country and this has to stop at any cost, because freebies don’t come free.

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