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Jammu & Kashmir—Spoiled by politicians

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal
The following area of consideration is must to cool down the chaotic situation of the state;
The most required measure to do away the discrimination with Jammu region is the Delimitation of the Assembly seats. The existing parameters of number of voters in Jammu & Kashmir region constituencies can be seen as; Jammu Province Assembly segments, Gandhi Nagar voters 1,48,773 – Jammu West, 1,41837 – Kathua, 1,09,651 – Udhampur, 1.04,708 – Rajouri, 1.03,672 – Ramnagar, 1,00,001 – Hiranagar, 99,118 – Vijaypur, 96,753 – Reasi, 96,720 – Poonch, 95,475, whereas against this the Kashmir Province based constituencies have voters as; Nobra, 11,713 – Gurez, 15,676 – Zanskar, 20,138 – Karnah, 27,672 – Habba Kadal, 50,750 – Khanyar, 52,159 – Id-Gah, 56,490 – Sangrama, 59,243 – Kangan, 58,662 – Dooru, 64,466. The delimitation is required in view of area also as Jammu Province has 26,293 sq. Kms and Kashmir has 15,948 sq,Kms area, Jammu Province voters are 30,91,193 and Kashmir Province voters are 29,86,673. Against this number of voters Jammu has 37 and Kashmir has 46 Assembly segments. A calculation based on numeric’s speaks that keeping in view the average number of voters per Assembly segment in Jammu Province; the Kashmir Province is entitled just for 35 seats and as per voters per Assembly segment in Kashmir Province, Jammu deserve 48 seats. So it was a well conceived idea as to keep Jammu region always discriminated. The delimitation of the Assembly seats is required to be considered on priority and has become more necessary with the creation of eight new districts because some areas of one constituency or falling under the administrative jurisdictions of two districts.
Remove Article 370: Although this is widely condemned by Kashmir based politicians but in broader sense removal of Article 370 is beneficial to the common man and it means any person can live and purchase bunch of land anywhere in any State thus breaking the thin line between Indians and Jammu and Kashmir.
The leadership has to shift its approach from being felt as soft towards terrorist, as some mentions proved to be disaster for the activities of the terrorists such as releasing of several terrorists for the hostage of Dr Rubia, releasing of dreaded terrorist in Kandhar high jacking, release of stupid’s of militancy i.e. stone palters etc. This can be clearly branded as winning of battle of mind by terrorists and militant organisations.
There is absolutely no point in talking with terrorists; it is like talking to a blackmailer. The huge security set up provided to hawks of militancy and harbours of terrorist required to be withdrawn immediately and be put behind the bars.
Do away the policy of ‘healing touch’ as it has not brought any results but the releasing of promoters of chaos has proved to be worse. The recruitment in belt force of surrendered militants and let free stone pelters have brought a shame and blotch on the force recently seen in police training institutions in Kathua and Talwara.
Reestablishing Kashmiri Pundits as even after decades, Kashmiri Pundits are still in doomsday. They need settlement with good business and infrastructure.
Actively work to help the people (refugees) suffering under Pakistan military occupation (for nearly 70 brutal years) once and for all.
The “liberal pseudo seculars” who cry for “human rights” need to be dealt with iron hand. We have taken a soft stance for nearly 70 years it doesn’t work. Now it is time to take a hardliner stance and stick to it.
The rule of law is required to be firmly implemented and government should not force its dictates through army and other belt forces.
Stop shielding the corrupt politicians and corrupt bureaucracy and they are required to put to criminal proceedings than to accommodate them on plump postings.
A nationalistic instinct among Muslims require to be strengthened and if a Kashmiri Muslim is ready to take this stand and take the onus, it will not take much time to ease the situation.
All the political parties are self centric for their own benefits. They are required to come on one platform for the cause of the State, if they are really well wishers of the humanity. We need to create a space for the young generation.
Concluding it is we people who have to play a bigger role while looking and mandating for our representatives by shedding aside our way of voting carried on since day one. Real leaders are required to be sent to Assemblies and not the crook ones.

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