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Jammu embarks on spiritual journey with Chetna Yatra ahead of Mahashivratri celebrations

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JAMMU: A vibrant procession, the “Chetna Yatra,” marked the beginning of religious fervor in Jammu today. This spiritual event serves as a prelude to the grand Mahashivratri Mahotsav at the renowned Panjvaktra Mahadev temple.
Dedicated to the revered Devta Bawa Kaliveer Ji, a figure transcending religious and communal boundaries, the procession drew enthusiastic participation from devotees across all walks of life. Bawa Kaliveer Ji, symbolized by light, a sword, a black horse, and an umbrella, is believed to embody various divine figures throughout history, including Sheshnag, Balarama, and Baba Kaliveer.
The Chetna Yatra was organized by the Panjvaktra Mahadev Temple Committee. Several other social and religious organizations, including representatives from the Sanatan Dharam Sabha, and various bazaar associations, also took active part in the Yatra.
Earlier, Pooja was performed by Ex-Session Judge Suresh Kumar Sharma, Caretaker, Panjvaktra Mahadev temple along with Sanatan Dharam Sabha President Parshotam Dadhichi, National Executive Member and former BJP Minister, Priya Sethi, former Mayor JMC, Narinder Singh Jamwal (Raju), BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi, former Corporator, Sanjay Mahey, BJP OBC Morcha President Sunil Prajapati, former Chairman, Swachh Bharat Mission, Gopal Gupta, Sr. BJP leader, Anu Gupta and all bazaar associations’ presidents and prominent citizens.
Dressed in traditional attire like pajamas, kurtas, parnas, and pagdis, devotees from all walks of life came together to celebrate their devotion to Devta Bawa Kaliveer Ji.
The procession served as a powerful symbol of unity, bringing together people from various religions, communities, and backgrounds. It was a testament to Jammu’s rich cultural tapestry and its welcoming spirit.
The Receiver of Panjvaktra Mahadev Mandir, Suresh Kumar Sharma highlighted the outpouring of devotion and the sense of unity resonating throughout the procession.
Thousands of devotees, comprising prominent citizens, heads of social and religious organizations participated in the Chetna Yatra. The Jyot Procession was welcomed by all Bazar associations on the route. They showered flowers on the Holy Jyoti.
The procession commenced from the Rupaye waala Mandir itself, weaving its way through the heart of Jammu. It passed by prominent landmarks like Rajinder Bazaar, Shahidi Chowk, Residency Road, Raghunath Bazaar, City Chowk (Bharat Mata Chowk), and Kanak Mandi before returning to its starting point, the Panjvaktra Mahadev.
More than just signifying the commencement of Mahashivratri festivities, the Chetna Yatra extended a warm welcome to the public to actively participate in the grand celebrations at the Panjvaktra Mahadev Mandir. It served as a powerful symbol of communal joy and spiritual unity, fostering a sense of togetherness among the diverse participants.
The culmination of the Yatra at the Panjvaktra Mahadev Mandir marks the official beginning of the much-anticipated Mahashivratri Mahotsav starting from 06th March to 08th March. The coming days promise a vibrant tapestry woven with spiritual fervor, captivating cultural events, and a strong sense of community spirit. An invitation is extended to all devotees and the public to join the festivities. Seek blessings from Devta Bawa Kaliveer Ji and be part of the communal spirit that defines Jammu’s Mahashivratri celebration.

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