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Jammu City to get air-conditioned bus stops soon

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Sahil Verma
JAMMU: Jammu Municipal Corporation is contemplating to establish air- conditioned passenger sheds in the winter capital besides inculcating traffic discipline among commuters and passenger transport operators. The proposed move will go a long way in checking traffic congestion resulting in frequent jams.
“This is going to be a coordinated effort between various governmental agencies”, Saujanya Sharma, JMC Commissioner told STATE TIMES, adding, that major cooperation will be needed from the travelling public. He said the proposal is currently at conceptual stage and the project will, most likely, be taken up under Private Public Partnership mode. He said the Corporation is looking for proposals in this regard from the interested companies, which would be examined by experts.
“The main objective of launching this project is to remove traffic congestion which is one of the major problems of Jammu city,” he added.
Citing the example of various cities across the country and even abroad, the commissioner said that there are AC bus stops in places like Dubai and if this project is implemented in Jammu, it will be firsted its kind in the State. This will add one more feather in the beautification of Jammu city, he maintained.
“The proposed air- conditioned bus stops would provide much needed relief to the  commuters, who face enormous difficulties while struggling with traffic congestion due to irregular and wrong stoppage of small passenger buses in the city. If we provide such bus stops, these will encourage people to use the facility which will also provide relief from searing heat during summers.”
While talking about the cost of project, Soujanya said that the JMC will provide only space to the company for the construction of AC passenger sheds and the company will bear all expenses including fitting of air conditioners, electricity expenses and maintaining of sheds.
For recovering costs of project, he said the contract will be reached between the JMC and the concerned company for 10 to 15 years and the cost will be recovered by allowing the company to use the space for advertisement purposes.
He further said the project is still at infancy as its feasibility will largely depend on the response from the interested companies. “I am quite hopeful that Jammu will soon have this facility”, the commissioner opined. He said that initially the routes like Panjtirthi to Satwari, Panjtirthi to Talab Tillo, etc shall be provided with such facility.
President, Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Jammu, Rakesh Gupta said, “Introducing air conditioned bus stops in Jammu is a welcome step by JMC and this will encourage commuters to use public transport thus reducing pollution due to private vehicles.”
Vineet Sharma, a commuter from Canal Road said, “The idea is fantastic but JMC will have to ensure that these are not encroached by urchins and slum-dwellers as is the case of many existing bus stops which are seldom used by commuters but are safe havens of drug addicts and beggars.”
Dinesh Gupta, a senior citizen said, “The JMC should build AC bus stops at strategic points like Panjtirthi, Karan Market, Jewel Chowk, Bikram Chowk, Airport, Canal Road, etc to facilitate the tourists and pilgrims.”

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