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J&K and PoK; an analysis

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Sunaina Malik

Kashmir has been an issue of fiery dialogue between India and Pakistan for past 68 years of our independence. During this turbulence both the countries fought three wars, vanished millions of precious souls along with lavish public and private property. This proxy war has appeared as a greatest impediment in the way of progress of both the countries. Even after 68 years of our attaining sovereignty, we are at same place of our development from where we started because of abhorrence in hearts and terror campaign on ground. It would not be erroneous to say that our blood is cheaper than water because first we have scarified it while fighting against Britishers and now we are wasting it by combating against each other. This story dates back to 1947 when after the conclusion of hundred years of brutal confrontation with Britishers, India and Pakistan gave a start to an era of  unending war in the form of Kashmir issue. It was the time when Pakistan attacked J and K under the guise of tribal Pathans on 20th Oct. 1947. As J and K was Muslim populated princely state ruled by Hindu king Maharaja Hari Singh. Maharaja was not strong enough to face the invasion of tribal, so he decided to join India on 26th Oct.1947 after signing Instrument of Accession. But until then Pakistan succeeded to grab 35 per cent of Kashmir which is known as PoK by India and PAK by international community. Though UN Security Council resolution of April 1948 had suggested plebiscite for people of Kashmir but only after Pakistan would vacate the whole area. On the other hand Pakistan under the ravenousness for a piece of land breached her part of contract and hanged Kashmir between India and Pakistan.
Pakistan kept on conspiring to attack Kashmir    like a vulture and after 1987 Assembly elections, Pakistan left no stone unturned in exploiting the unrest which arose due to agitations in Valley because it is said that there was rigging in those election. Pakistan has distorted naive Kashmiri people by dragging them towards the glooming world of intimidation, blood-shed, poverty, unemployment, trauma, disquiet and melancholy with-out introspecting that what is the condition of PoK a state which is under its control. Those who live in the castle of glass never fling stones on others but I am very apologetic to say that Pakistani administration has not been prudent enough to comprehend this for past 68 years.
Following are some of the points of contrast between PoK and J and K with respect to infrastructure, economy, literacy, employment and export. This would enlighten the minds of our Kashmiri leaders and youth to choose their healthier and secure future.
So far as the development of infrastructure in PoK is concerned,  nearly 88 per cent of its territory means 2.9 million people live in rural area and depend upon forestry and agriculture to earn their livelihood. In addition  this rotten condition of PoK is also confirmed by World Bank report of 2002. On the other hand even in spite of uninterrupted terrorist attack over Govt. and public establishments, Kashmir has reached up to the status of first class city with well developed roads, bridges, banks, Govt. offices, schools, colleges,  and universities.  This all become possible due to uninterrupted assistance of Central Govt. As a report reveals that between 1990 and 2002, the Centre paid J and K Rs 2,432.59 crore as a grant in aid. In addition to this State has been receiving  the lion’s share of central resources- over Rs 3,55,713 crore since the onset of insurgency. To your surprise J and K state’s own revenue is not ample to pay the wages of its employees with out the Centre’s help.
Pakistan succeeded to give literacy to only 48 per cent of inhabitants of PoK during past 68 years. On the other hand people of J and K are more literate. J and K has attained 66.7 per cent literacy rate. As we all know that the schools in the Valley remain closed for major part of academic session, some times due to terrorist attacks and some times due to Geelani’s calls but even in spite of this we have reached at this position because time and again Indian Govt. has tried to make the atmosphere conducive for students, time and again Govt. funded for the construction of school buildings so that future of country (students) may not suffer by remaining illiterate, time and again Govt. reconstructed disfigured bridges so that students from far flung areas may reach to their temple of learning, time and again Govt. speeded up edification procedure so that no one should remain untaught.
People of PoK are poor than inhabitants of Kashmir. Written records have revealed us that in J and K people living below poverty level dropped from 24.24 per cent in 1980 to mere 3.48 per cent.
If we talk of employment PoK also lags behind in this comparison. PoK reports about35 per cent to 50 per cent unemployed youth.
One question which often agonises me is that even in spite of knowing the ground realities of Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir, why our Kashmiri leaders and Kashmiri youth show their affinity with Pakistan. A place which is unable to bestow a safe, sheltered and affluent ambiance to its   own people then how could it hoard the prospect of Kashmiri people. A place which even after 68 years, fails to develop or to give fundamental rights to the people of its colony (PoK) then how could it will accomplish all the dreams and aspirations of people of Kashmir.
In the end I would like to appeal to every Kashmiri that these so called leaders are luring you all, towards mirages and as we all know that mirages are not water but counterfeit images of water, so do not dash behind mirages otherwise future generations will never pardon you for this ailing atmosphere, which you would leave in inheritance to them.

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