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Itchy scalp? Could be lice infestation.

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It’s not just kids who are prone to get infested with lice. Young adults are equally at the risk of getting affected too. Here’s more on the problem…
Getting infested with head lice is a scary proposition. And what’s alarming is that many haircare professionals tell us that this is not restricted to children alone. Says hair professional Nita Gada, “With women taking public transport in the city to travel for work, it has become easier to catch lice. Also, if you leave your hair open most of the times, you may get infested with lice, no matter what your age.”
How does it affect grown ups? l Outside exposure Says beautician Tasneem Subzwari, “Contact with people who have lice or dandruff can result in this problem. Also, those who leave their hair open while travelling in public transport are at a higher risk of getting infected because lice flies from one head to another.”
Using others’ combs and clothing If you use the comb or clothing of those who are infested with lice, you are at a risk of getting affected by it, too. So, make sure you do not share combs. Dead skin cells on your scalp Often if you have dead skin on your scalp, it could lead to build-up of lice. Thus, make sure that you wash your hair every alternate day.
How to tackle this problem Lice in adults are a serious problem because it takes quite a while to get rid of them. Here are a few ways –
Tying wet hair If your hair is wet and you have a habit of tying it up in a knot or bun, be rest assured you will be infested with lice. Leave your hair open to dry on its own or if you do not have enough time on your hands, dry it using a blow-dryer.
Keep a check on your children Since your kids mingle with other children in school, make sure you comb their hair for lice on a weekly basis. If they are suffering from lice infestation, visit a tricologist as soon as possible.
Medication Specialised medicated shampoos are available in the market that treat this problem. You can apply these shampoos twice a week, depending on the scale of infestation.
Brush your hair more often If you have dead lice eggs in your hair, it is best to comb your hair as often as you can so that they fall off. But make sure you do not do this in front of your children, lest they get infected too.
Homemade remedies:- These work the best when you have been infected with lice. Boil a few neem leaves, add a pinch of camphor and mustard oil to it and apply this on your hair. Try doing this treatment twice a week so that you are sure that your hair and scalp are completely clean and free of lice.

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