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It needs guts to show nationality

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Dear Editor,
They threatened us, they taunted us ,they rebuked us ,they assaulted us they drove us homeless, they burnt our shrines, they even shed crocodile tears to show their sympathy ,they blamed time for the tragedy, they lamented their helplessness to save us but the separatists failed to convenience Kashmiri Pandits to raise Pakistani flag and disrespect our Indian one. They tried the showcase Kashmirait and brotherhood but failed miserably in their agenda to prompt KPs to support their unholy war against our nation. They call us cowards as we left our homeland but we showed it takes courage to defend our motherland flag. We can be tagged as refugees, homeless migrants but we are not traitors and cowards who raise the flag of enemy and disrespect our National Flag. I salute all KPs who left their properties in Kashmir for the simple reason of not compromising on nationality.You take our land but cant take our spirit of nationality. We will sacrifice everything for the sake of Indian Flag. Now who are cowards KPs or traitors? Showing some disgruntled Sikh youths waiving Paki flags is the showcase of people who don’t respect their nation and their Gurus teachings, who sacrificed their lives and stood like a wall against cruelty of Aurangzeb who tried to convert them forcefully. By wearing a turban they are not followers of their great Gurus. I may not wear a turban but will follow the dictates of Great Sikh Guru’s i.e. not to compromise on my faith or belief otherwise I would have stayed happily in Kashmir by waiving an ugly green flag. Separatists wont succeed in their unholy mission as their are crores of hands who will raise Indian Flags and we need to show off in front of few traitors who are stooges of a failed ugly Pak so called nation.
Sanjay Raina

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