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Indian mythology

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Dear Editor,
It is sad that concerted efforts are being made by quite a few to discredit Indian mythology as being a set of fairy tales and a figment of the imagination. What these scientists and intellectuals must realise is that there is nothing called absolute truth. Scientific feats and discoveries made in the past are great and commendable. Just because there is no documented proof of things of the past, it doesn’t make them any less believable to the masses. While these intellectuals who are now making an issue of this have a right not to subscribe to such beliefs, it is their arrogance and prejudice that are just as uncalled for. Everybody has a right to believe in what they feel is true as long as it doesn’t hurt another person.This false sense of superiority over our ancestors and the past will only make us less open to our great heritage and wisdom.
Pt. Shiv Shankar

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