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Indian Army to test their armour in Gujarat FSL

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Gandhinagar, Oct 27 (PTI) Defence personnel will soon get ‘ballistic protection’ from Gujarat, as the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) here will be conducting tests for bullet-proof jackets and head gears used by the Indian Army.

“Gujarat FSL will soon tie-up with the Indian Army by signing an MoU to conduct ballistic tests for their armour like bullet-proof jackets head-gears,” Director of Gujarat Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) J M Vyas told PTI.

Earlier, Gujarat FSL had tested hard and soft armour panels, bullet-proof jackets and helmets produced by a US-based multinational company which are being used by armies and police organisations across the globe.

Vyas believes that Indian Army has put trust on Gujarat FSL considering the transparency and cost-effective testing here.

“When we conduct any ballistic tests here, it is always displayed to the client and seller through our transparent range made with bullet-proof glass. This has helped the Indian Army to invest trust in us,” Vyas said.

Earlier the Indian Army had conducted ballistic tests for their bullet-proof jackets and head-gears at a Chandigarh-based Forensic Science Laboratory, Vyas added.

The ballistic tests for bullet proof jackets and head gears will cost the country’s army around Rs 15,000 per unit which is very reasonable compared to the international rates, Vyas said.

If the tests are conducted at any foreign country, then the cost may run into crores of rupees, he said.

According to highly-placed sources in Gujarat FSL, some of the Delhi-based army officials also visited the FSL here and its ballistic range .

The FSL’s Ballistic Research Centre will also provide ballistic tests for Indian Army’s armoured vehicles, the sources said.

The Ballistic Research Centre is under construction at present and will start functioning in the coming month after which the FSL will conduct tests for the armoured vehicles, they added.

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