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India-Israel ties

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At a time when India and Israel are exploring to enhance bilateral relations further, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s strong bid  for cooperation in the field of cyber security has gone well with the two nations. Singh was earlier widely quoted in the press for highlighting the use of social media for indoctrination by Jihadi elements and the urgent need to device ways to curb this practice through the use of internet. Singh said terror was a threat not only to countries like India and Israel but to the whole world. Both countries have expressed concern over the growing global menace. India established official relations with Israel in 1991, although informal ties had long existed previously, involving such figures as Defence Minister Moshe who became one of the chief architects of the Camp David Accords. Israel also provided India with crucial information during its multiple wars. Not only this Israel technology in agri-sector has benefitted at a large scale especially the green house technology developed for arid and desert zone. The agriculture prosperity seen in Rajasthan and Ladakh is because of the water management technology from that country.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed the Home Minister on technologies that had been developed by Israel in areas such as aviation security, border protection and water harvesting.
Both the leaders also expressed keenness to strengthen ties, with Netanyahu emphasising that he “believes that relations between the two countries were poised for rapid development” following his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September in New York. During that meeting, the Israeli Premier had said that “sky is the limit” in terms of prospects of cooperation between the two countries. Singh and Netanyahu discussed regional situation and the evolving threats to the global communities from terror.  Expressing satisfaction at the growth in bilateral ties in a range of areas, including defence and agriculture, Singh noted that signing of agreements recently in the area of Homeland Security had opened another sector for mutually beneficial cooperation.  The future emphasis should be to build a hi-tech partnership befitting two leading knowledge economies. Both leaders also agreed that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) under discussion between the two sides should also be signed early.

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